Friday, August 3, 2007

Popular Study Destination

In my latest poll, I asked you, my visitors, to select where they are most interested in studying English abroad. As you can see from the results, most visitors chose the United States as their first preference, followed by England, and Canada. Why do you think the United States is a popular destination for students? Why are students attracted to other countries as well? What do students consider when studying overseas (e.g., cost, safety, visa requirements, etc.)? Share your ideas on this interesting topic.


  1. America is always the number one for international students who choose to study abroad. According to my six-year experiences living abroad, I think the main reasons that students like studying in this freedom land is it possesses three important priorities which other countries may be unable to have: perfect scholarship systems, living environments, and incomparable quality education.

    First of all, perfect American scholarship systems really help solve foreign students financial problems. In developing China, thousands of PHD and master students get the scholarship from various American Universities. Many of them come from middle-to-do even under middle-to-do families, that is, they absolutely could not afford the expensive American tuition fee and living cost without enough scholarship. All of foreign PHD students around me get scholarship and finish their study.

    Second, good living environment can make foreign students devote to studying. For example,it is known that America is a country on wheels and almost anyone can afford a new or old car. It makes students much convenience to go around: shopping, traveling, and relaxing. In addition, proper living cost in America can sometimes make students to like living here. Numerous and great deals or on sales often appear on online, in stores, or in supermarkets. People often can get surprise price in their life and save their money. However, other countries have not as many deals as America.

    Last, the world’s best educations attract foreign students to come here studying. The hundreds universities afford students various majors and good facilities, especially, the top universities in the world such as Harvard, Pennsy Ivania, and Stanford, and Julia music school can afford the best knowledge and research. Furthermore, America is a unique multicultural. Most people come from different countries and they mutually share their culture and experiences. It is not a special and the best education for students?

    Although since 9.11 Event, more and more students have hard gotten the US visa, most of them do their efforts to dry applying the visa for several times. However, some students apply the visa to go other countries such as England, and Canada stead of going America, if they are rich enough to afford their very expensive expenses without scholarship.

    Randall, I spent two hours thinking and writing this topic. I hope you are not bored to read it! Thank you again!! I learned so much in this website!!!!!
    Haidan Yan form New Mexico

  2. Haidan Yan,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I really enjoyed reading it. Not boring at all!



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