Thursday, August 23, 2007

Job or Family: You Decide

Listen and write your opinion on this topic.


  1. going abroad is a good opportunity for people to grow mature. as a younger, i don't care how much money i earn at begining if these money enough for my basic life. the most importance is to learn more experiences and to handle things by going abroad. as a result, i would persuade my family to let me take the adventure. of course keeping contact with family makes them them feel secured.

  2. I think this could be a good opportunity even that I dont think that I can go far away from my family,however I could try to make an agreement with my boss to see if is possible get my family too

  3. In my opinion, if my children is mature enough, above 10 years old, I will go abraod for my job. Time passes quickly than you think. Just a few blinks, two years will be over. But if my children is very young, both of them are less than 10 years old, I have to ask my spouse if he/she can take care of our childrean alone. If my spouse can do, I will go. If my spouse can't do, I will stay at home.

  4. It depends on many things. Money as money has no sense. If you know why do you need this money (education, house, health and so on) And if this goal (education and so on) has more importance than life with your family than answer is yes.


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