Thursday, August 16, 2007

ESL Classrooms: What impacts your learning of English?

Listen and share your ideas on the topic.


  1. My first impression is surprised about that. I go to english language school in USA. there are alot of the same country's students. ofcourse we use own languages out of school. probrem is easy. It's difficult to make friends of native speeker.who wants to be friend with not good speeker? a few people interested in foreigner, but usually don't.
    so we try to learn english, even though use own country's words.
    I'm sorry about my bad english. thank you.

  2. My opinion is that would like to learn english language ,because I want to talking and listening english better .

  3. my i think it difficult for the people de same country to try to speak English because they don't know many vocabulary it better to have friend speak English when they said something you don't undestand they will try to explain you over


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