Friday, August 31, 2007

MP3 Players: Using Them for Learning

Although people talk a lot about Apple's iPODs, one of the best MP3 I have seen is Creative Zen V Plus by Creative labs (see review at,127376/article.html:

One of the cool features is that it has line-in recording, built-in mic, and a FM transmitter. The line-in feature allows you to plug in a mic or record directly to your advice from any other audio device, including other MP3 players or an audio CD player. For language study, having the ability to add a mic or simply use the built-in mic can allow students to record their voice as a means of keeping a voice journal.

Share your ideas or suggestions on media players that can be used for learning.


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  1. I think Creative V Plus is really a cool gadget and a useful tool for learning English. It supports me in developing my speaking skill more rapidly. In general, it is a wonderful device for English learner.


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