Friday, May 2, 2008

TOEFL Score: Does it predict success?

As a general rule, international students need a good TOEFL score to get into many North American universities. However, my question is whether a good score is a predictor or good measure of whether a student will succeed or not at the university. Personally, I have met many students who somehow manage to get a fair score, but they can't communicate very well or who are not aware of the US educational system and do poorly. So, what do you think on this topic?



  1. I think TOEFL score helps to be succeed.It gives us the chance to go to universities or to get jobs. I know many friends who have been accepted in the best Canadian universities and they all are prosperous and even got high-profile jobs.
    To be successful in a university, one should know many other things like culture, study techniques, getting to know professors and so on. So, there are many factors that can affect success.

  2. In my opinion we still need TOEFL exam as a measure for learning english students. But behind TOEFL test learning english students also need to learn how to communicate with other students and profs by english, also how to succeed in their dgree in the university which they will apply in the near future. TOEFL score will be nothing if they can't master their study and can't communicate in their situation althought they had a high toefl score.

  3. I totally agree two comments above. In my opinion, TOEFL is not a perfect one but a relatively fair test system for ESL students who want to attend universities in North America. However, I am not surprised when you tell me that many students can’t communicate very well even they have got fairly high scores. I do know quite a few people like this. My suggestion to those ESL students who have accepted by North American universities is keep working hard and smart on English study. High TOEFL score is only mean you are better than the average English lever in your country. In North America, You have a lot to learn to become a good English communicator.
    J. S. Canada

  4. I believe that getting a fair score helps to understand western culture more than having good ability to communicate which it good and gives the student the tools to start conversations with native people eventually builds his confidence to be good speaker. For the rest skills will improve as speaking get better. So obtaining a fair score is the half way to succeed in university ,fairly we can't predict failure for students who have poor communication otherwise no one will study university in English if we are realistic.

  5. hmm....
    I'm a student and study in a collegue.
    And I think TOEFL score is important for me.It gives us the changce to go to good universities and to get jobs.
    so, it's important to be successful in universities.
    I agree these comments.

  6. Hmm....
    I'm a student and i study in a collegue.I think TOEFL score is important for me. It gives us the chance to go to good universities and to get good jobs.
    so, It's important to successful in a university.
    i agree these comments.


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