Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love: Do people show it the same way?

Although love is probably considered important for most people, the ways we show it might differ from culture to culture. Specifically, how to families show love and appreciation for each other. Do parents say to their wives, "I love you", or do they express this in a different way? Do parents hug and kiss their children and say that they love them? If so, until what age? Do parents use other ways of showing appreciation and affection for their children?

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  1. People are unique human being, they think and respond in a different way, so as to love.
    They show their love in many ways, in such ways that no one will ever immitate.
    Some will show their love in a passionate way, some in a conservative way.
    They show their love in comparison with their experiences in life.
    It also varies thru their moods.
    The act of expressing love depends on the upbringing of a person., they tend to follow what has been shown to them.

  2. I agree with 042102 that the act of expressing love usually result from the upbringing of a person.

    In my country, people of last generation rarely show love to their wives and children. Especially, most of the adults used not to hug nor kiss each other. Because they were thaught not to show their emotions expressly. Only parents may kisses and hugs their 0 to 6 years old children.

    However, the younger generation as we are, tend to show their true feelings in more directly ways.
    In general, the pattern how people showing love in my country are changing.

  3. I think almost every parents is love their child. Although they don't do any behavior to show love.

  4. Some people in eastern countries are shy to show their love to parents. In Taiwan, I see parents and children show love to each other very often. For example, they kiss,hug, and say I love you!
    This situation will be changed when children become teeagers. I think people in western countries are more active in showing love.

  5. Taiwan's parent are really kind of assertion, they thought they have more experience than their child. But they really love their children, they don't want their children get hurt. so we must always talk to pur parent to know how much love they do and how much i love them...


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