Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day: Do you have a similar holiday?

Today is Memorial Day in the United States, which is held on the last Monday of May. It is the day when people remember those who have died in military service, but we also remember family members who have died. Many people take flowers to the cemeteries, and cities often hold parades or other memorial ceremonies. In addition, it is often considered the beginning of summer because many schools end around this time of year, and people have barbecues, go camping, or do other outdoor activities.

So, do you have a similar holiday in your country? If so, what do you do on this day? What is the meaning of this day to you? Share your ideas.



  1. I would say that here in Brazil, the most similar holiday to Memorial Day is "Dia de Finados" (The Departed's day), wheh people go to the cemeteries taking flowers to lay on their relatives' graves.
    It is a sad day.


  2. In my country. Our Memorial Day is "Tomb Sweeping Day " at April 5th. We will go to worship and lament someone in our family.

  3. In Vietnam, the memorial Day is on July 27th. This day is to memorize soldiers who were killed or wounded in wars. On the day, goverment officials go to military cemeteries to lay flower circles on soldiers'graves. They also visit houses of soldiers'mothers and the wounded. All the activities is to show gratitude for their sacrifices.


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