Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apartment and Home Living: Anything Unusual?

Apartments and homes are different from place to place around the world because of culture, climate (weather), and architecture. So, if someone visited a typical or common home in your country, what would they find different or unusual from other parts of your own country or other parts of the world. This can include anything inside or around your house: types of rooms, decorations, cooking appliances, tables, chairs, religious objects, etc.

Share your ideas.



  1. One of the fundamentla needs of human is shelter. This maybe the reason why apartments and houses are very common wherever place to go.
    Apartment or home living- will not make a difference at all, as long as it is cozy and accesible.
    In evry place to go, there is a place to live in, the aparments and houses.

  2. In my country, Iran, anything is special for the guests and that has affected the construction of apartments and homes. The living room has two parts, one for daily life, for example, people use this part more often for watching TV, eating together, and so on. The second part is really special for guests. There are two sets of furniture, which are fancy in design and quality. People want their guests to sit in this area and then they treat them with special foods in fancy dishes. They are so hospitable.


  3. First,I feel the atomospher and the smell in the house.
    Everytime I went to foreign countries,they have their own country's smell.
    In my country,we take off our shoes,and use ippers in the house.
    One American family came to visit my place before, they've already known its custom,but they felt a baby-stroller can stay on the floor,not in the entrance.

    When I went to the States,every family wants to show their all rooms.That was surprised for me.
    I guess they are proud of their own house,and just want to show as their hospitality.
    In Japan,most of the Japanese would intend not to do that.

    Whatever apartments or houses,I think its not so big cultural difference.


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