Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oil Reserves: When will they run out?

It is well known that there is only a limited amount of oil in the world today---oil that affects all aspects of our lives because it is used not only as a fuel but in some many products we buy everyday. The unknown factor is when all of this oil will run out. So, what do you think will happen in the world as we run out of oil? How will this situation affect our daily lives and our relationships with other countries?

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  1. Hello my name Is Esteban I'm living in S. Diego, I have kind of weird opinion about this, and it is why should we worry about this we know that everithing will be over, our live ,our planet , everithing , but the only sad part of this is that until now any human can yet travel to another planet, and if there will be not enough energy supplies before the human can expand our race tha will be SAD a lonely , dark forgetten planet which will travel for the eternity lonely old and EMPTY.

  2. I'm a major in Geology and Petroleum and well, say that the oil industry is seeking for new reserves worldwide. But it is not that pessimistic since new technology is emerging to drill deeper beneath the Earth surface to meet the demand of a world thirsty of oil. However such a dearth for fossil fuels make us consider the use of other renewable sources of energy and power.

  3. Without oil in the modern life today, human beings may suffer from another disaster. Vehicles would become useless, and people can just go to another place by walking. Many daily products cannot be produced anymore. I do believe that one day not only oil but also other energy will run out if people keep overusing natural resources on earth. In the end, the original earth we are living now would be destroyed, and a whole new globe would begin.

    Pink, Taiwan

  4. I think everyone should be worried about that! We should treasures the earth resource. Anyone, any countries should serious about that.

    Peggy, Taiwan.

  5. It may become a very difficult life
    if we run out oil. First of all, we can't drive our cars anymore. And it is really incovenient to a student to get to school in the morning. But some scientists said that solar power could replace oil.
    I'm hopping that they will produce
    solar power energy car or bike!

  6. I think this is an in-depth and we think deeply problem. If someday fossil oil is used up completely, we may would go back to primitive. Ha...It's a kidding. I only think the car may not drived. Oh, it's very terrible.


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