Monday, March 3, 2008

Parenting Skills: What will you do differently?

Becoming a parent can be a rewarding, yet challenging, "job", and families and society are changing due to new ideas and influences around us. If and when you become a parent, what things will you do differently than your own parents and how you were raised? Share your ideas.

Personally, I have four children ranging in ages from 10 to adult, and I feel that I have tried to spend a lot of time with them playing games, camping, watching movies, and just talking about their lives. Someone once said that no success can compensate for failure in the home, so I do what I can to build relationships with my children.



  1. I have two children, and I think my parents are ideal for me. My mother has given all the kindness and shown the optimistic attitude to me all the time. I talked with my father so many times whenever I had problems and he always gave me appropriate advices. That's why when I'm with my children, I very often ask myself "what would they do in such situation?" and I try to act like them. The only different thing is sometimes talking English with my children instead of Japanese. It became much more important than before for their education.

  2. If I ever become a parent, I'll also try to spend good quality time with my children and to build a relationship based on mutual understanding and friendship. I think parents should have a common channel of communication with their children so that they can talk about anything such as the regular ups and downs in life.

    I really missed that when I was young. My parents would never talk to me about life and its hardship.

  3. I'm no engaged or pregnant yet but if i were i would be as close to them as possible. i mean i would exchange love, the expectation of life, to teach them how to be independent ect. i want them to grow in te best environment ever to succeed. i would let them do things that i was forddiden to do when i was young sure but i would keep an eye on them to make sure they are not doing something wrong.
    i got a very strict education as most of Chinese children (in France)
    but contrary to what is happening nowadays, i won't spoil my children. In france, i can see many young babies or nearly 10 year old children dressed as adults as if they were already adults.
    to my mind, a child should enjoy and profit from his childhood. he should be allowed to be free to discover the world from his eyes, commit childish mistakes. but no imitate too early their parents and this is where the discussion between parents and children intervene and very helpful.
    my dad controlled us all. he never establish a real communication. he always wants to have right when we were young (and still now he is but less)and didn't trust us completly. he keeps compared us as people from the world and was too over protected. we know that it was for our best but it is too excessive. the parent role for me is to share love, help the child to make decisions and to make him realize his dream while being careful but not too much. so in fact i wouldn't want to repeat the same mistake as my dad.
    then to end i would say that i know some parent as mine are really over protective because of the education they received was harsh. but this behaviour can conduct some children not to be happy, to be afraid to disappoint them or to be very "withdrawn"(?) or shy. so i would recommend them to be soft as possible 'cause the child has a very weak personality when young.


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