Friday, February 29, 2008

ESL Listening Activities: What are your favorites?

Many students use the Internet to learn English, and finding appropriate materials for improving listening skills is often one thing learners are searching for most. Thus, which Websites do you go to most to help you improve your listening skills, or if you are a teacher, which sites do you suggest to your students? Please share your ideas and post a link to some of your favorite sites that should help all visitors here.

As a side note, I've just created two new listening activities on my own site, and I hope you enjoy them:

Budget Hotel Rooms

Grocery Shopping


  1. I usually visit your webpage on Listening skills and visit some other ones provided by the British Council. I also download mp3 files and podcats for me to listen to on the bus on my way to work.
    Here's a link to an online radio program called "Talk about English."

  2. I always go to the Library to get what i need but some times i use the internet if i need to find some information about something, right now i dont reammber the web siste but it help me lot to lurn english.

  3. i usually take a specified to learn English, there are mainly: "words route" and "le mot et l'idée" in fact these two books are recommanded in France from English teachers and i approve it. it's well done.
    otherwise i go in your web site (Listening Skill as Bruno), listenning to original version of a film with the subtiles too or go to


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