Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ESL Classes: How many students are ideal?

Please listen and share your ideas and opinions on this topic.



  1. I think it's 4-6people is the best.
    If there are lots of people I would hesitate to ask questions.
    As you are saying,only 1 or 2 is also not good. Too much attention for me from the teacher.
    Even number student ,such as 4,6,8,10 is easy to make a group.

  2. I also think that a small group of students (fom 5 to 10) is an ideal class size. The regular teacher is able to give each and every one of them special attention ( and concentrate on their needs), and the students would also be able to learn from each other by having the chance to speak without having to wait for long turns.


Thanks for posting a comment. I appreciate your interesting in sharing your ideas.