Saturday, January 7, 2017

Travel: Doing it Solo or with a Group?

Imagine that you are sitting at a restaurant, dreaming of the day when you can travel to distant places, but you realize that that will probably never happen. Suddenly, out of the blue, a complete stranger walks up to you, plops $20,000 on the table, and wishes you a great life. Then, as quickly as he appeared, the man disappears out the door.

After verifying that the money hasn't been stolen, you consider your options of traveling around the world for 3 months and visiting 25 countries: either go backpacking solo or join a tour group with 30 people. Which would you rather do and why? What kinds of challenges might you face in either case?

Share your ideas.



  1. Hello everyone,

    I'd rather travel with a group than do it solo - especially if the trip is to another country. I think it's safer. The more people to travel with the easier it is to resolve any kind of misunderstanding or problem that might happen during the trip.

    What do you guys think? Have you ever had any problem during a trip to another country? How did you manage to solve it?
    Bruno (BRA)

  2. Hello

    Solo travel is like an adventure,while that with a group is safe and a good opportunity to make friends.
    I prefer travelling with a group to doing by myself.


  3. Hello everyone,

    If I traveled to a foreign country I'd feel more safely when I travel with a group. But the group of 30 people is big enough. My group would have max about 10 people. Always you have to count on something can happen and then it's better when you aren't alone. On the other hand it's true at last I had flown alone to Switzerland ( I live in Czech ). It was a business trip and my colleague from Switzerland should wait for my in airport. But he forgot about me so I was waiting for him about 45 minutes. I had his phone number but it was wrong so couldn’t call him and I didn't know why he isn't waiting for me. I was worried I flow on wrong day.


  4. Traveling alone yo might know actually how people live in those countries. Althoug in a tour group, normaly you visit the most intersting sights and you carry on to a diferent destination

  5. Hello,
    I like travelling solo because I feel free. I need not be hurry, I can flane. I can choose what I want to see and heartily enjoy it. By reason that I need to share my enjoyment with anybody, I prefer travel with somebody - but not with a big group. Either with my husband or with few of my friends.

  6. HELLO,
    I think solo will be much better,maybe it will give you the chance to think and change who knows??alot of challenges,alot of intersting stories and people.OMG 3months and visiting 25counries. Esaly I can say it will change any whole life.

    Thank you.


  7. Group travel is less interest.
    Neverthless, it can be safe. And we can make friends during the trip. I think group travel is much better.

  8. I'd rather travel with a solo than do it group if the trip is to anywhere.I think it is more convenient. If I travel with a group, they have their own idea. so we cause argument. it's so terrible.

    what do you think? Have you ever had any argument during a trip anywhere? How did you solve this argument?

  9. Good afternoon everyone,

    I already read your essay. I think travel is go alone or together with one or two best freinds. If we go to travel for a group, their oppinion is too differnt, ex) in USA, some person want to go empire state building and some person want to go the statue of liberty but we have no time to go two. So, I think solo travel is better than group tour.



  10. Obviously doing it in a group is fun when you are around with your friends.

  11. In my oppinion travel is the best thing to do in life. If I had a chace to travel around the world I would choose travel with a group of friends.

    For instance, Travel with a group of friends can be funny and i can enjoy the trip with people that I like.

    In addition, travel solo can be more dangerous and this could be another reason to have advantages travelling with a group.

    To illustrate, last semester I traveled with a group to Paraty and it was great! My group was composed by my boyfriend and two couple of friends.They made me laugh so much during the trip.

    To sum up, I have sure that travel with a group can be better than travel solo because of the reasons that I stated before, but I can respect the oppinions of people who think that could be better travel solo.

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  13. Travelling solo wont be that much great, but to travel in group makes us enthusiastic and blossom in all......

  14. Hello!!!

    First of all, I must admit that this topic really interested me because I am a "sick-traveller" who wants to visit the world everyday (the only missing thing is money unfortunately). However, travelling alone can have its pros but in all my life I've travelled always with a partner (most of the times, it is my boyfriend). I like travelling with another person because I think that you can learn not only how that culture is or its food, but also you can meet each other (your boyfriend/girlfriend and you) very well: in fact, you can have the possibility to stay with that person 24 hours on 24, and this is great because you can also "prove" that person and find out even if he/she is the right person for you.

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  16. Hello Everyone,

    I found so interesting visiting places round the world. When people travel they don't have any idea about the trip or destination. Having the chance to talk with local people, going to local maket, that's unique way understand how people are and where they come, some time all those things can't be read on books, why? because people have to be there to live the experience....
    Marcos VEN

    July 2, 2013

  17. If this happened to me I would go backpacking rather than joining a group tour with plenty people. I think the best way to discover a country and its culture is to live with local people. That is impossible to do with 30 other people. And I think it is important to share with locals, by talking to them, and even work with them if possible. When traveling with a group, all you see is the surface, places for tourists and if traveling in a poor country, there are big chances that you see only the poverty of the country instead of seeing how rich people really are. If traveling in a rich country, it remains the same. You really discover a country through people living in it, and not following a guide on tours that will only show you famous things. I don't really see the point of going abroad and travel for 3 months in a large range of different countries if not to really discover their culture. If you are affraid of traveling alone, don't worry, you will meet a lot of persons from a lot of different places. Even if traveling solo, you will never be alone.


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