Thursday, January 28, 2010

Part-Time Jobs: Are They Common for Young People in Your Country?

I have often taught my children (those who were or are currently in high school) about the importance of getting a job to learn responsibility and earn their own spending money in the United States, but I realize that this same idea and value might not be the same around the world for any number of reasons.

So, do children between the ages of 12-18 often get part-time jobs in your country (examples might include babysitting, delivering newspapers, working on a farm or in restaurant, tutoring other kids in school, etc.)? Why or why not?

What benefits can come from holding a job at certain ages during one's life?



kann-u said...

Hello Randale and everyone.
I think working on part time jobs bring the young a sense of responsibility,money,knowledge you have not known before.
But keeping part time jobs has some risks,you experience less responsibility,earn less money,have less opportunity to learn than full-time jobs.
Consequently,only durling youth,you should get part-time jobs,and had better get full-time jobs when you graduate from schools.
kann-u from Japan.

Scott said...

Hello Randall and Everyone.

Getting part time jobs has
both good and bad points.
First of all
Young people can learn
how to deal with a variety of
situations by job experiences.
And they can see many people
not only their ages but also

However,both with part time job
and school, they will face
difficulty of school grades.

In my country
it is common that young people
have part-time jobs during
both semester and the school vacation. However it can varies from place to place.
Enthusiasm for study is
over heated in the whole korea
especially big cities such as
seoul, busan. Students who live
in big cities are forced by their parents and teachers to
only concentrate studying for
high GPA and preparation for
University test so they have
no choice but to study altough
they want job experiences.

On the other hand, tuition fee
for university in korea is stunningly expensive in comparison with a nation's GNI so students
who live in rural area or low
income familes can't avoid
getting jobs altough they want
to concentrate their school subjects. I also belong to the
latter case and have been working
for 5years with schooling.
Consequently, it is hard for Students in the bad situation
to get high GPA and permission
of good universities.
Finally it also affects
their finding jobs.

-Scott from seoul s.korea-

Bruno da Matta said...

Hello everyone,
It’s against the law for someone who’s under 16 to work instead of being in school. However, they may find other ways to earn their spending money (in addition to studying), and I do believe it’s the best way to gain responsibility. Poor children, on the other hand, start working illegally when they’re still very little selling things on the streets in order to help their families. I see no problem in working and studying at the same time as long as children know how to manage their time well. Besides taking responsibility for their own money (and how it’s spent), children in Brazil should also learn to take responsibility for their own learning when it comes to studying at school. It seems that very few of them know the real reason why they go to school.
What about there in your country? Is it the same the too? Please share your thoughts with us here.
Bruno (BRA)

anna said...

In my country temporary jobs are quite common

Part time jobs are common for young people as well as for 'old' people who cannot find a job

We 'old' guys are a bit fed up with people who think that only the 'young' people have rights to work and study and live.

It seems as if when you are 40 you have no right to live anymore


Anonymous said...


I strongly agree that getting a part time job creates strength in individuals, however in my county children are not allowed to work by law if they're under 18 and it is just permitted ages 16-18 under a formal written permission by their parents. Although you can see hundreds of children working for a small wage sometimes between for less than 5 dollars a day.
Rafael Rebattú
México City

A-Tse said...

In my opion, young people geting part-time jobs benefits them. They can know that earning money is hardly and learn how they spend their money carefully. Besides, they can get many experiences from jobs. For example, they learn to handle any stituation well and find out the best solutions.
However, young people, especially are in these famous high schools, seldom find part-time jobs in my country. They always pay so much time on studying that they have no time to get part-time jobs and learn something the teachers can’t teach in school. They study very hard just to pass university test and get good universities’ acceptions. Finally, they often get high scores in school tests, but can they also high pass in their lives’ tests? I don’t think so.

BB said...

Part-time jobs really benefit young people. They can make their own spending money and learn real world experiences. In Taiwan, young people spend too much time studying for school tests. Senior high school students also have to study harder to pass college entrance examinations.

Raul Mad said...

In my country many people, young and old, have to rely on part-time jobs, since there are no job offers full time. Many companies due to the economic crisis can not offer days and there are many people who are unemployed.
As this time and as things are , it is better to have a part-time work than nothing

NERLIN said...

This is good. Here Ss can write their comments about jobs. Good Class, Let's write comments.

Anonymous said...

thanx this blog post is very nice.

Anonymous said...

This Topic talks about the Part time jobs but is most focused in the teenagers´ Jobs. Well in fact I think that this topic has many points of view and the contradiction between them is high.
From the responsibility obviously is a good Idea to get a part-time job at that age because it teaches the young people to be more responsible and to measure the cost of the live stile they want.
From the Social and government part I think is not so healthy because the young people sometimes cannot distinguish between the money in short term and the money in long term; this causes teenagers to prefer working than studying and then the future and the quality standards for the country decrease.
This is my opinion I hope you find it interesting

Part Time Jobs in Brisbane said...

Part time-jobs is the easiest way to earn money. Your time here is flexible and you can get another part time job if you want.

Jobs WA said...

Part time jobs helps a lot especially to those who are undergraduate. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randall, this is Naomi from Canada. I think that doing a job earlier in life, say at 13 or 14 years of age can be one of the best learning experiences. Although working at a young age isn't very common in my home country India, it is becoming more popular day by day. Tutoring , writing newspaper articles and doing home deliveries of certain items are some jobs that teenagers do in India.Here, in Canada it is very common for young people to take up summer jobs of many different kinds.

Part Time Jobs in Brisbane said...

I agree with Scott..
It has bad and good points

- (based on what I see in our community) they forget the importance of education once they experience earning money, but I guess you can fix that through parents if they will keep on telling their kids the importance of education.

- they learn to be responsible and budget their own money at early age which would be useful in future.

Part Time Jobs in Brisbane

Anonymous said...

Hello Guys

I'm Daniele and I'm from Rome. I think that in Italy is not really common have a partime job. I think that the problem is that italian guys live with their parents for to many years and they don't need to have money for themselves or go abroad for study or everything else.
I love your blog

thank you

ESL JOBS said...

In my country
it is common that young people
have part-time jobs during
both semester and the school vacation. However it can varies from place to place.
Enthusiasm for study is
over heated in the whole korea
especially big cities such as
seoul, busan. Students who live
in big cities are forced by their parents and teachers to
only concentrate studying for
high GPA and preparation for
University test so they have
no choice but to study altough
they want job experiences.

Anonymous said...

Dear Randall,
Part time jogs are common for young people in Vietnam.Some students need a part time job that help them surviving their studying life.The important thing is arrangement their time.Part-time working for long-time studying is a chanlenge.How proud they are!

Anonymous said...

Is very helpful to start to work when we are young in order to improve our job skills and have an idea about what working is.

Lulu Ahmed said...

Good evening all
first of all the getting part time jobs for students has a benefits as well as disadvantages. I will talk about the benefits . Getting part time jobs learn how to deal with many situations, gives an experience, the depend on themselves ,earn more money and the confidence.
on the other hand . If the students getting part time job ; maybe they will be shortened in their lessons.
Alaa Ahmed from Egypt

Diana Laura De La Cruz López said...

this quiz is very awesome in my opinion, coz' this audio questions we can learn much quickly and in the case we have to travel to other country, we have the enough weapons to speak with the people who lives there, there's so incredible the world of english, one of my favorites classes.

Dulce said...

Hi everyone, for me to get a part time job is an excellent idea because the person gets more responsability and we have more knowledge about to spend the money, I have a part time job so in first time it was stressfull and every day I arrive to my house very tired but with the time I can learn how to acommodate my timetable and now I have my hour to study inside of my hours of work. In my country it is usual that the young people has a part-time jobs for to help to their studies.

Elbereth Varda said...

Unfortunately, part-time jobs for teenagers is quite uncommon and too much regulated down here (France). Consequently, young French people don't relate much to the working world, unless they become apprentices/interns. Another aspect of the French schooling - altho largely despised by the French Educational Board and professionals - is vocational cooperative education from the age of 15 up to 24+. Kids typically go one week (two or three weeks in some organizations) into a training center (= school) and the other half time is spent in a company. This training is focused on learning a job on site and educating them off site. Where I work, we mostly deal with boilermaking, piping, industrial maintainance, electrotechnology apprentices, but even though they are paid (wages differ a lot according to ages, above 21 they get a full salary, but under 16 they get something like 25%). Most of thos ekids learn what a job is, but some don't! Like all youngsters everywhere, some of them just don't care much and take somebody else's place for the money for 2 or 3 years, don't even bother to get a degree or seem uninterested by the job.

Anonymous said...

i think it is a good idea to give children part time jobs but they can not start to early like a phone i think we can pay that but when they get older they can get a part time job and work for it themself

that is my opinion


Mostafa said...

Hello everyone, I find that part-time jobs for teenagers is a good idea because the teenager gets more responsability and learns the worth of money. It is also good for the person so that he doesn't just waste his time. I find that part-time jobs are a good preparation for later.

dennis vanbreuseghem said...

i think a partmime job is awesome
because it gives u big responsobility to us
we can make our own money
we can can buy food and clothes with it.
don't need to ask for money anymore.
great job with the blog mate.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone, I find it very good that the youth can have a part-time job. It learns them to get responsible and they also learn the worth of money. I find that part-time jobs for a teenager are a good preparation for later. In our country you can find a job in the year you get 16 or older. It is hard to find a job but it isn't impossible. This is my opinion about part-time jobs.

Anonymous said...

i will say that is and good idea that childeren will do part time jobs for his own phone.
and they are independent that is good for then.
they should not feel spoiled their.
they have too working hard for hes own money.


Hello everyone,
Part time jobs are good experience for people, because they apply their habilities, also people learn to administer their time. It's convenient work in part time jobs in vacations or final semesters to university.

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