Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year Activities

Well, the new year has begun, and I kicked off the new start by spending time with family. On New Year's Eve, we tend to keep things simple. When I was younger, I would stay up and welcome the new year; however, I generally go to bed before most people start their celebrations. Personally (and perhaps philosophically), too often, people start our a new year with a bang and wonderful new goals and plans, but these good intentions often don't last very long. Instead, I'd like to have plans in my mind, but start things off at a slower, but consistent, pace.

This kind of reminds me of a sport called ultrarunning (any running distance beyond a marathon). Many of the elite athletes aren't in their late teens, 20s, or 30s. Rather, people in their 40s, 40s, and 60s do quite well at very long distances because much of the game deals with the mental, not physical challenge. This mental toughness is often develop throughout life and has little to do with our youthfulness.

So, what kind of mental toughness is needed in other aspects of our lives? Share your thoughts.



  1. Hello Randall and everyone,

    Wow! I really liked this post, Randall. It did make me think about my own goals and what I do to accomplish them. I'll try to do as you said in your message. I'll do it slowly but surely without rushing to things and running the risk of getting out of breath along the way.


  2. Hello everyone
    I think tolerance is needed to keep good relationship with others.To breakthrough challenges.To master something,for example English.
    I think tolerance is the most essential virtue to live.Without this,we have to compromize before we get chances or achieve what we want and we can not enjoy our life enough.

  3. Hello everyone =)

    First I would like to say thank you Randall for this post) This is really a subject to reflect on.
    I think self-control is definitely needed in every aspect of everyone's life. From my point of view it is more difficult to be responsible for your promises and actions before yourself than before other people: you won't have to find excuses, feel shame (as you will always put yourself right), you won't be punished, etc. But finaly you will notice that smth is wrong in your life, no one desire comes true and your self-esteem comes down. And if you admit that only you answer for your life, you will have to carry along, cultivate your ability over again.
    So, to hug yourself on, get into the habit to accomplish what you have planned and promised (even though nobody has heard your thoughts).


  4. Happy New Year Mr. Randall and everyone.

    We have different practices, and beliefs especially during new year's day. Since my country was influenced by the different colonizers, we adopted them and we still practice. Great example is new year's day. Some filipinos throw coins in front or inside their house at exactly 12 midnight. They believe that it will bring luck toward the year. Another is to open all windows and doors, and fill up their gas tank of their car(s). But the famous among these is the fireworks. We got that from Chinese and the other countries are doing that every year. It is nice to watch fireworks but accident might happen if we don't use it properly. This year, the number of accidents decreased compared last year. One reason is that people are getting practical nowadays. Instead of buying fireworks/firecrackers they use drums or any kind of noise maker. It is safer and not expensive.


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