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Conversation Starters: How to Get a Natural Conversation Going

Starting a natural conversation with a stranger often isn't as easy as it appears, and language learners can sound somewhat unusual and strange if the don't make the right approach.

So, imagine that you are sitting on a plane, and a man or woman is sitting next to you. You anticipate a long, 9-hour flight, and besides a few books, you don't have much to do.

What is one question that you might use to start a natural conversation with the person next to you, AND what is one question you would probably NOT ask for the same situation?

Please share your ideas. Carrying on small talk with others is an art that must be learned, and it usually isn't taught in textbooks.

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  1. I would rather talk with a person who sits next to me than keep silent and read books which I can read in other time.
    The way to start conversations is important.
    I will ask him if he thinks this flight will be safe.Then he will say he thinks so.And I'll say I doubt this flight will be safe ,because I am on board.Then he will laugh at my joke or,will not understand ,scowl,or suspect I am a terrorist.If he regards me as a terrorist,I will have to tell him my joke.

  2. First of all, I check the disposition of my partner if he/she wants to talk. I would ask about the weather a general question. It's cold/hot isn't?
    Ruth (Chile)

  3. I will start excuse me could you please tell me the time If you have watch. Then smoothly our conversation will start about climate,journey etc.

    lastly, we can exchange some addresses and e-mails for future contacts. I think it is natural that human can understand each other whatsoever language barrier is there even sign language we can talk each other.


  4. Hi Randall and everyone,

    I don't think I always make the right approach to strike up a conversation, hehe but sometimes even a bad start may turn into a pleasant conversation if you have the right conversational skills.
    To make small talk I usually pay attention to what the person sitting next to me is doing so that I can use this piece of information in my attempt to engage in a conversation.
    I would never ask personal questions such as: 1. Are you a religious person? or 2. Are you married?
    What do you guys think?

  5. well, first of all. I would rather ask about your trip, this a good way to start a conversation oh important talk about yorselve because the strage person can be relax begin talk abut himselve antehe we can talk about what ever or something special
    if with luck we can exchange: emails, phone number. and after trip we will keep touch in when you an he come back.


  6. To initiate a conversation with a stranger next to you is a real challenge. In my opinion, talking about the trip, the scenic spots or the food served during the flight may be a good opening. Pay attention to his response. Maybe he doesn't want to talk to much.

  7. All you need to have is the confidence for you to be able to talk and open up a conversation with another person.

  8. Here are five questions that would be appropriate for this situation.

    Where is your home?
    Where did you grow-up
    Where did you go on vacation as a child?
    Where is the farthest you have traveled from your home?
    What travel tips have you picked up over you travels?

  9. I am always ashamed of conversation people, but if the period is long and I do not know what to do .. I'll be forced to speak to my partner, but the beginning of the conversation a little difficult but always erase this difficulty some cunning or courage. So I'll start by asking either for an hour and the time that we will reach it and told him that I was tired Does it? Or ask him if either tourists or going for treatment, etc.

  10. I think the friendship is very important, but there are a lot of distracted people. They are absorbed in their problems and it is sometimes difficult...

  11. I`d ask about simple questions, being polite.For example his/her occupation, age...Then I`d talk more about other topics.

  12. Hi everyone
    Starting a conversation is easier talking about the weather, and introducing yourself.I believe, it's a friendly way to cach up with any person.

    John from Peru

  13. I am Isen. I think it depends on the situation. In general, I believe, in my country, there existed a event on the way we go for help us getting a natural conversation.

  14. hi every one

    starting conversation with person at first time depend from who you meet,
    young women old man

  15. It's always a good idea to find something in common with the other person if you want to strike up a conversation. For example, if you are in a park walking your dog, you can walk up to somebody and say something nice or ask a question about the other's dog. On this situation where you're on a plane, you could find something in common. Maybe the other person is ready to read a book. You can start the conversation asking What kind of book do you have there? and then What is it about?. In order to keep the conversation going you might talk about the books you have or like. Of course, you have to ask What's your name? and Where are you from? Finally if the conversation is going well you could ask What is the porpouse of your trip? The other person, maybe, is on vacation and he wants to relax. You can talk about your trip too.
    Something I'd never ask are questions about religion or politics. It could create a strange enviroment.

  16. hi every one
    It is a good idea to practice a small-talk, because practicing and we improve our english.

  17. We really like to start a conversation with not knowing person, but you have to be carefull about the topics that you are going to talk becouse sharing personal infimation can be dangerous.

    But some times its cool to talk with other people becouse you learn about differents things and topic´s, it is good when you share and learn cultural information.

    Ricardo Escobar And Adriana Valencia (El Salvador).

  18. in my opinion l think l'll see hi how are you .then l'll interduos my self then we can talk each other for many topic such as goal for her visit to usa or ask her about her family also we can talk about the weather at the moment or the hobies

  19. First i will check her condition, if she want to talk or wont. And if she seems like want to talking, i will introduce myself and tell her my destination. And of course i will asking her name and where is she going and some question about her trip so she can asking me too!
    I never ask about her religion and her contact.

    ps: im sorry my english is really bad. im syafvinna

  20. This lessons are very useful for practics of conversation between people stadyeeng English.

  21. Hello
    In times we know that it is very difficult to start a conversation, and more when it is with strangers, but it is very important to initiate them so that we can learn from what the other person or from their own experiences. From my point of view should start a conversation with phrases like:
    Hello what's your name
    What is your destiny of old
    To which places you traveled or as I already committed a person simply ask the time to start the conversatio

  22. well for me is difficult start a conversation with strangers but I will ask if she/he travel to much and then we could have a nice conversation.

  23. At first point to start a convesation with a stranger is difficult, however would start by asking the time or if you carry a book in your hands would ask some recommendation from him. Also in good idea to ask for the place of destination and its beautiful places.
    The questions that would not be asked would be; are you in a relationship in this mood? or personal things that make the companion feel unconfortable

  24. First of all, we'd better notice what they are doing? Then striking up by saying something related to the topic that we've found out. If they look easy of approach, keep going and try to find similarities between u and them to make the conversation become closer. Lastly, asking about email, fb account, address if u can. Just to keep in touch.

  25. First, I could introduce me, and say: hello my name is ……, what is your name? then if the person answer me, I could tell him or her: nice to meet you, I’m from…… and continue the conversation, I think that this can be a good form.

  26. Regards
    I would start ask him the time and then I would speak about the weather and also I ask him about your flight.
    I would don´t ask him about your family or about your job.

  27. To start a conversation and break the ice that is important would make a little joke of the time that we are going to be on the plane, so you can see the attitude of the other person and know if the conversation can follow

  28. To start a conversation and break the ice that is important would make a little joke of the time that we are going to be on the plane, so you can see the attitude of the other person and know if the conversation can follow

  29. is the buss alredy coming?
    is your dog a pug?
    are you in this class?
    at what time are we going to land?
    can you pass me the syrup?
    what do yo do?

  30. I would ask...
    Do you like fly?
    and this moment, i know if i can talk whit that person.
    if she talk to me, i introduce me and start asking about her.

  31. I Usually like to talk to people around me, so the first question I would ask is: Do you like this kind of weather?
    the question I wouldn't ask is: Are you married? I don't think it would be none of my business

  32. i think that the phone conversations are important for everything like speak with the family,and friends and even for business.

  33. I'm afraid to talk to strangers,why

  34. Hi Everyone
    My name's khan i'm from vietnamese . I'm niceteen years old .
    Best Regards

  35. I think that I can start a conversation with a stranger person question simple things and introducing me a little for gets trust of the other person.

  36. i strat with greetings, say my name and then ask what wiil she/he doing at destination place. holiday? meet the family? or business affairs?


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