Monday, January 23, 2017

Dressing for Comfort or Style?

Why do people where the things they do? Do people dress to protect themselves from the cold, or do people want to get attention from others? Please share your ideas.


  1. Hello Randall and everyone.
    I wear a T-shirt, a shirt and a pair of jeans with a belt at home.I put on jeans,because they don't tighten my body.
    When I go to work,I choose to wear a formal suit to impress my clients and pass for a sincere worker.Actually,I feel like working hard for my clients,when I put on a suit.
    kann-u from Japan

  2. hello every one. well i would want to wear a short, t-shirt, a pair sandals; i love that. but the world, the society and only for that you can do it.

    obviusly when to have to work, one wear whit formal clothes.

    joochehm from colombia

  3. Hello everyone.
    In my case,
    comfort is more important
    when i choose what to wear today.
    However, i think it depends on
    your schedule on the day.
    I make it a rule to work out
    for hours everyday and my job is gym instructor, so there is no choice but to dress for comfort.
    Contrary, seeing girlfiend or
    supervisor, i wear formal ones.

    -Scott from seoul S,korea. -

  4. Hello everyone,
    I enjoy wearing jeans or shorts, tennis shoes and polo t-shirts when I go around town to either meet up with friends or go to work.
    I think I can go almost anywhere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, wearing them.
    In fact, I think the weather has great influence on what kind of clothing we choose to wear. What do you guys think?

  5. Hi,
    I agree with Randall that piece of clothing which should be the most comfortable are shoes. When they are too tight you can't feel good in anything you wear. Anyway, for me the most suitable are my own old trainers :)

  6. Many people need to wear uniforms during work, such as nurses, factory workers, soldiers, etc. They have no choice. Actually speaking, I think that's good. Because you don't have to spend much time choosing clothes. Dressing for comfort or style, it doesn't matter!

  7. I agree that many people wear uniforms everyday because of their jobs, and they have no choice. Just like me, I have to wear my Subway restaurant uniform five days a week. At the beginning I used to love my uniform, but I am getting tired of it; and when I am not at work I am at school and there I put on jeans and polo shirts, but I have a lot of beautiful dresses and skirts I would like to wear. But where can I do that if I spend all my time at school or at work? Mmmm. No, I don't even have a boyfriend or friends to go out, because I just to move to San Diego. But hopely I'll have friends in the future.

  8. hello, everyone//
    i work at microorganism lab. As soon as i begin my work i have to wear blouse still end all my work of a fact, i would rather wear a short jeans together a t-shirt and a pair sandals. with me, comfort is very important. thanks/

  9. i wear a jeans and sweater or t-shirt and of course for the shoes i wear sneakers. it makes me comfortable

  10. in the personal, i prefer loose clothing, because i dont like feel tight, but neither too loose look good.

  11. Hello everyone.
    I think that at the moment of dressing what matters is comfort, however most people are very concerned about the way they look with certain clothes and in other cases they dress in an extravagant way just to call the etencion, we are in A generation where fashion or the way you dress talk a lot about you.

  12. Hello everyone.
    I wear a jean and t -stirt . It makes me be comfortable.


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