Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Ideal Friend

Friendship is important to most people, but ideas on what makes a good friend might be different from person to person. From the list of qualities below, which one is most important to you and why? Share your ideas and experiences on this topic.

  • sociable
  • honest
  • intelligent
  • rich
  • good looking
  • talkative
  • kind
  • trustworthy
  • reliable


  1. For me a good friend should to have the following caracteristics:
    - Trustworthy
    - Reliable
    Level basic4

  2. trustworthy and reliable are the qualities most importants in that list.

  3. Well, I like friends who's kind and reliable.

    But, I wonder what's the difference between honest and trustworthy. Don't they mean the same thing?

  4. My best friends are honest and reliable.

  5. I think many friends we have in life have some of these charaters. But among them, the most ideal friend or close friend is the one who understands me, stands by me, shares some interests and, the most important thing, all ears and helpful.

  6. A good friend, to me, must be reliable and honest. I believe we're are all human beings and therefore nobody's perfect. It's human to err. However, a friend would never stab you in the back.

  7. in my opinion being honest makes good friendship because lets say you are not being honest with your friend lets say you are lying to him about not having money when your friend need it and after some time he finds out that you had money and you lied to him. he would do the same thing with you when you need something. so slowly after this happens you and your friend won't trust in each other and this will break the friendship between two people.

  8. WELL MY FRIENDS HAVE SOME OF THE QUALITIES LIKE HONESTY, LOYALITY, RELIABILITY, TRUSTWORTHY AND ALOTS OF OTHER QUALITIES. A good friend is a friend who helps you in your bad or trouble time and their is a phrase about friendship and that is "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED". This is what friendship is about and i am always loyal and honest to my friendship.

  9. The friendship is important to me .In my opinion, the trustworthy makes good relationship.beacuse, trustworthy is between two people. If they want be together, they must trust each other first. The sencond i think is Reliaable.

  10. for me good fiend is very importent. she have to help u for any bad situations. i like friend how kind and nice. who wount lie and wount be jalause.and chearse u when u are sad. gives you advise.


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