Monday, December 17, 2007

Who's Cooking Dinner Tonight?

In this poll, I asked visitors who does most of the cooking at home. Perhaps, the answer wasn't a surprise, but over 80% of you said your mother. Keeping this in mind, additional questions might be:

  • Does your mother work outside of the home, and does she still do the cooking?
  • Does your father or other family member help clean up the dishes and table after the meal?
  • Are more and more younger men being expected to help their wives with cooking?

Please share your ideas.



  1. In my case, I usually cook dinner.
    Because I got married in 2006, I cook better than my hudsband. But He cook a brunch of a week, especially saturday. And before marriage, my mother cook dinner for us. And nobody doesn't help her. I feel sorry her^^

  2. I'm very lucky, my wife always cooks for me. I used to be a bachelor who cooked his own food out of a box or can. I was very lazy about cooking. Now I always can get a hot meal at home for lunch or dinner because my wife loves me and wants to cook for me. I don't expect her to always cook for me, but she likes to make me happy.

  3. When I lived with my parents I never did the cooking. Actually, I guess I know to cook just a few things-- the easiest and simplest stuff. However, I tried to help my mother out in the kitchen by doing the dishes and fixing/cleaning up the table.
    My mother, always worked outside home, and I think she sometimes got stressed out because she needed to handle too many things at the same time both at home and at work.
    I don't think men can multitask as much as women. Hehe!

  4. My mother cooks always, but my father helped her sometimes. In my case, I always cook dinner with my fiance. I'm very lucky woman. right? Sometimes, we play a match at bowling and then we decide who cook the dinner! ^^

  5. My mom always cooks, but my dad helped her "sometimes". In my case, I cook dinner with my fiance everyday. I'm very lucky woman. Right? ^^ Sometimes, we play a match at bowling and then we decide who cook the dinner! ^^


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