Monday, December 10, 2007

Religion: Does it matter?

For many people around the world, religion is an important part of the lives; for others, it plays a lesser or no role. However, does a person's personal beliefs matter to you if they are running for political office in your country. In other words, would you vote for someone whose religious views differ from your own, or if the person didn't believe in God? Share your ideas on this topic and explain why.



  1. I don't think it's very important for some peoples who has no religion,I have no religion because I belive that I am the god of myself,I do everything with my opions,don't need to talk to god that I need his help,even when I really need somebody's help,I still think about that I am the only person who can help myself.

  2. Actually it can affect my vote. But maybe the person who will I vote, has ability to get my country where I want want, it won't be matter. I am totally believe in god. I see myself as his inability slave. Everything comes from him. I believe nothing happens without his wish. He created the world and us. So that's impossible to do them by a human.

  3. Well, I believe that a person's personal beliefs will sort of affect his/her decisions. I do take it into account before voting for someone who'll play an importante role in the decion-making process of my country. I also think that by knowing this person's religious views, we can somehow foresee how s/he will run the country.

  4. I don't have religion because
    I don't believe that god gives
    me important advice or decision.
    However I sometimes pray to god
    when I feel pain. In my country,
    Japan it is not rare that people
    who don't have their own religion
    ask gods to help them.Do you know
    the proverb "The danger past and
    God forgotten" I think this is one
    way to have religion.

  5. In my opinion you should have vote for the person who is not of the same religion as you are. Because First you are living in his country and your religion is not the religion of the country you are living in. I disagree with jasmine because there is as god who is helping her even though she is not asking for help to somebody. A person cannot be his own god but its true that you can take your own decisions.


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