Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas in Different Languages

Here is a site that tells you how to say Merry Christmas in many different languages:

Now, feel free to share any of your favorite memories of how you celebrate this holiday. If you don't celebrate this day, then tell us about other end-of-year celebrations in your country.



  1. Hi. Nice to meet you!
    I live in Japan. First of all, I'd like to point out mistakes in the site( This site says that in Japan people say "kurisumasu omedeto" to celebrate christmas. But we never say so. Instead, we say "Merry Christmas".
    Anyway, one of my favorite memories about Christmas is receiving a present from my parents as a child. When I was a child, I was looking forward to the holiday bacause of the present.

  2. We celebrate this date with family and some friends.

    It's important to celebrate "Merry Christmas" because we can to reflect about some happens during the year... and may get the solidarity among people.


  3. you're right, nori, I don't know anything in Japanese, but that website is really incorrect. We never say "CHung mung giang sinh", we can say "Chuc mung giang sinh" .However,because Christmas is not a traditional holiday in Vietnam so we don't have the special way to say "Merry Christmas" like English or America, we can say some nice words, some wishes... and the most simple way is "merry christmas" :)

  4. Christmas here in Brazil is synonymous with family gathering. This holiday is usually celebrated by families all over the country. Those who live far from their parents generally pay a visit to them during Christmas season.
    We also exchange gifts on this day.
    Secret Santa is quite a common custom here too.


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