Thursday, December 17, 2009

Religion: What it Means to People

For many people, their personal belief in a higher power or God is very important in their daily lives. Thus, becoming acquainted with the faiths of others can be one means of understanding people better. I've created a listening and discussion activity on this topic here. Give it a try:


I feel that is often difficult to fully understand other people without understand their value systems which, in many cases, is influenced by their personal beliefs. Personally, I believe that people should feel free to share their beliefs under the right circumstances.

What do you think?



  1. Hello everyone
    I think religion make it easy for people believing same religion to communicate and share their feelings each other.But we can be acquainted with those are different in faith.
    Almost all religions have commons;it is good to merry ,to bear children,to nurture them, not to die of a war,and so on.We can share commons like these,and get to realize that we are human beings living on the same planet.

  2. Hi Randall and everyone out there reading this wonderful blog,

    I fully agree with you that if we try hard to understand other people's value systems, the more we know about them.

    What I've noticed is that people, in general, believe that their religion is somehow superior to the others and this, in turn, triggers mutual feelings of hatred and intolerance.

    We should learn to respect each other's beliefs and point out to people that we live in a multicultural world where diversity should be the norm.


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