Friday, December 4, 2009

End-of-Year Celebrations

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  1. Christmas is celebrated nationwide here in Brazil. It's a typical family holiday. It's a time when families get together to spend Christmas' eve and exchange gifts. On the other hand, New Year's eve is usually celebrated amongst friends.
    The first day of the year is a very special day to me and my family: it's my mother's birthday. My family and friends often spend this day together at my parents' beach house.

    And you out there? :-) How do you celebrate (or welcome) the coming of a brand-new year?

  2. In my country, most people have different religious faiths.
    Some people who believe in Christianity celebrate the Christmas day.
    Nowadays,the impact of western many people like to have parties on this day.
    On the Dec 31.,people like to count-down together on some popular plazas.
    I always prefer count-down with friends to crowd.

  3. from kann-u
    Hello everyone

    In japan,buddhist temples ring big bells midnight on december 31th,which is cold 'Joya-no-kane'.When japanese hear a bell rung,they think this year is being the end and a new year is coming.Some people attend a kount-down ceremony,but they are minorities.Usually they stay home and many of them go to bed by time when the bell will be rung.

  4. In my country New Year is a very big holiday. We decorate New Year tree, prepare a big meal, exchange gifts. We usually celebrate it with our families, relatieves and friends. Happy New Year!

  5. in my country in Iran, new year starts from April and we Iranian celebrated new year with our family. we have a particular day (the last Wednesday of the year)in our calender that celebrated and enjoy time in that day with firing the specific place fallowing the old tradition in our culture.this time(day) is start of the new year celebration. the food for the day is special too. the food is made of a kind of wild plant named nettle.we called at the moment of the start of new year 'delivery of new year'.in our table of the new year, there are seven things that begin in the first letter of them with the letter 'the sound S in Farsi'.for example garlic(sir in Persian) or coin (Sekkeh in Persian) and apple (Sib in Persian) and etc.the best function in our society in the new year is that our family get to visit together and drop by each other and go to their home to greet each other.


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