Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Funerals: Customs and Ceremonies

One of the hardest things to deal with in life is the death of someone close to you. Furthermore, it is very helpful to understand how different people feel about death from a cultural and religious perspective. I've created a listening and discussion activity on this topic here:

- http://www.dailyesl.com/cemetery.htm

So, what our funerals or memorial services like in your country? What special actvities, meetings, or food can one expect? Is there anything a person new to culture should be aware of when attending a funeral? Share your ideas.



  1. Hello everyone
    In Japan,when a close person pass away,they hold a funeral ceremony on the buddhism style.Before they begin the funeral the families of the dead ,spend one all night with him or her,which is cold 'tuya'. The ceremony is held in a parsonal house or a buddhist temple or a hall in the company which deals with the funeral.Mostly monk come to pray for happiness and calmness of the dead.Then they have a cremation and bury ashes of deceased on the grave.
    Recently the Japanese movie 'Okuribito' Okuribito (or Departures), has been awarded the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.
    If you see this movie,you can know about Japanese Funeral.

  2. Hi Randall and all,

    The funeral/ memorial services in Brazil are pretty much like those carried out there in the US. Family members and closest friends often get together on the day a beloved one passes away and pay their respects. They also give support and express their condolences to those in pain.

    However much it is a sad day, you shouldn't be surprised if you overhear someone telling jokes at a Brazilian funeral. That's a peculiar way Brazilians have to cope with the pain.


  3. Hi, I live in Brazil. In my country when a person pass away there is a funeral. In the past, 20 or 30 years ago, the wake ocurred in the deceased's home. The mourners stayed all nigth talking about the defunct, praying or crying. Today the ceremony is held in a "funeral home",a place that prepares the body after it dies but before it goes into the ground.The mourners give condolences to the family members and say some prayers for the person who has died.
    In the next day the body is buried ou cremated.


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