Saturday, December 12, 2009

Online Shopping

With the expansion of the Internet over the past decade, more and more people are turning to doing their shopping online. In fact, I walked into a shopping mall for the first time in a very long time . . . and didn't buy a thing because I can usually buy things cheaper online and have them delivered right to my house.

So, what about you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of shopping in traditional stores and buying things online? Share your experiences.



  1. Hello Randall and everyone,

    There are many advantanges in buying things online. However, one thing that I'm really concerned with is that when buying things online you are in a way contributing to an ever increasing unemployment rate. In other words, things are usually cheaper online because online shop owners don't need to hire people to work for them. Therefore, the money that could have been used to pay people goes into their pockets.

    Another thing that concerns me most is the absence of human contact. I mean,for example, when you go to a book store, you have the chance to talk to a real person, get information about a book and socialize. When buying online, it's only you and the computer screen.
    What do you think about? How far do you agree with me on the issues brought up above? Please share your thoughts with us. :-)

  2. When I buy something through the Online shopping, I take care of whether it is what I really want or not.If it turns out to be not,I have to cancel and send back,but it is reluctant.Online shopping is very useful and convenient,while it has some risk like misunderstandings.

  3. Hello, Bruno da Matta

    Online Shopping saves money which may have been paid for workers in the shops.But the companies have to hire workers who make a Online Shopping systems and administer it.
    In the shop, many people don't talk with people working there. When we use online shopping,enployees working at delivering companies deliver what I ordered,then I talk with them more or less.

  4. There are some disadvantages oin online shopping.

    When we cencern about shopping online, its convenient, cheaper and save your time. But misinterpritation might be happen as they send products for customers. I ordered a book online last month, but didn't receive it until three weeks.When I inquired that,they stated my address incorrectly.So I had to reorder it and wait for another week.

    In addition, we can't access the quility and size of shirts or blouses as we fit-on in actual store. Some sizes that mentioned in products are different by brands. I bought 5 T-shirts in same brand and size, but different designs, but as i fitted on, sizes were differ from each other.

    I agree with the made by Bruno that online shopping automatically helps rise unemployment rate and it limits social contraction with people.

    Considering above reasons,I personnely don't like to buy things online.


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