Monday, February 13, 2012

Part-Time Jobs for Teenagers

The concept of work and when people should first get a job can vary widely from family to family and from country to county? Putting aside some differences, what is the value of teaching children to work from a general standpoint? What this video as I talk about my family and how we feel about work:


  1. Hmm..having a part-time job is quite common for young people who are between 16-19 years old in my country. Mostly of my friends work as waiters and salesman/salesgirl. They always buy things like clothes,mobile phones,bags and jewelries. In my opinion, doing part-time jobs can make teenagers learn to be self-reliant and more mature. They won't be waste too. It's good for them.

  2. I think that as in any new experience, going to a job interview involves a little bit of anxiety and nevousness. I think that those people who are able to cope with their fears and look self-confidents despite they are nervous or unconfortable are the kind of people the interviewer is looking for. And I am not saying it is easy, what is more I have gone to several job interviews and I admit that I have not done good in all of them beacause I was beaten by my fears and therefore I looked like a nervous person and believe me that is not what companies want.

    I think that self-confindence is the lead, it will help you more than knowing what you will be asked about.

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