Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Video Culture Tips - www.esl-lab.com

My ESL students often tell me that they try to improve their listening skills by watching full-length movies, but my response is that sitting in front of a screen for a couple of hours with popcorn and a drink is one of the most passive methods of learning a language. Yes, you can pick up things, but there is no time to stop and process the content, and the language is just dumped on your with out providing students with a systematic method of learning.

For that reason, I have created my own series of short videos on the topics of language and culture. These aren't meant to take the place of other movies, but to give you the option of learning from shorter, concise videos on specific topics.

Give them a try:

- http://www.esl-lab.com/videoclips.htm


  1. it's really a great way of having SHORT English videos for learning! Maybe you could have a video on you advertising movies or talking about certain movies or interview with stars which not only will attract people to watch the video but also kind of encourage people to watch the movies provided that they are to their liking. :P

  2. Hello! I'm an ESL teacher in NJ and have been looking for sites to recommend to both my coworkers and to students. I'm very glad I found your sites. You have done a wonderful job of posting useful exercises for students of English as a Second/Foreign Language. Thank you! :)
    As for this blog, I do agree that watching movies and tv are a passive method of language learning, I think that movies and tv offer ESL/EFL students opportunities to practice/improve their English. Movies/tv can give them insight into American culture and different types of conversations that the student may not always have the opportunity of practicing or may not feel comfortable practing. It also offers them a wide range of interesting material since it is the student who is choosing the movie/show. I usually tell my students that movies, tv and music are great tools in addition to interaction with English speakers and classroom exercises. I believe that language learners should use all the things available to them in order to immerse themselves in the target language, English. I think your videos are another fantastic tool that I can recommend my students use to continue to use in their language learning/acquisition journey. Thank you again for such great sites/ideas!

  3. It's really thankful to u for creating the short videos. Your videos have helped me a lot in learning English. Like me, my English isn't very good at listening,writing even speaking. Therefore,when my friends told me that watching English movie's a good method, i tried it. But i really can't understand what they'r talking about without reading the subtitle. Then i gave up. But luckily i found www.esl-lab.com last month. It's really good and helpful!! I like it very much!Thank you!!


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