Friday, March 9, 2012

The iPad Revolution

So, will the iPad or any other similar device revolutionize language learning alone? Probably not. Having developed online materials since 1998, I have realized that not even the most glorious gadgets can promote better learning unless there is a sound rationale and application of the tool in the language learning process. The same thing can be said of a kitchen blender: the appliance might have 20 different settings such as chop, mix, and liquify, but I probably achieve the same result with a blender that simply has an ON or OFF switch.

The ipad might help with some tasks, but it won't set the world on fire by simply turning it on. Share your thoughts on the topic: to what degree can help or hinder learning?



  1. I think the implement of technology into EFL teaching is a great way to keep it fresh, but no more than that!

  2. Hello Dear all,
    In this topic I have some comments here,I think the ipad is a excellent mobile device which has multiple function that can help us learning English everywhere everytime conveniently.
    But,users have to know that what you want to learn and how to use the device to achieve ours purposes.
    If users don't understand what they need ,the ipad is not good for learning language to them.

    (ps.My English is not so good,when you find some fault please tell me,it's OK. )

  3. extBraThe i-pad does have lots of great features - you can carry it with you and use it as a notebook to make a record of things you want to remember, or to listen to English conversations, or to do research on the Internet. Maybe you'll use the time when you're sitting on a bus or waiting for your lesson to start more productively.

    You're right - an i-pad won't make a poor student into a good onebut it might encourage them a little.

  4. I agree. iPads and similars won't save the world. I prefer learn English by traditional methods and use and iPad (if I had one) just to help me in same situations.

  5. Hmm..this is my first time to leave a comment here.
    Hi, everyone!I'm from Malaysia.
    In my opinion,iPad has made people more convenient in learning English.
    But,if users don't interested in learning,then it won't help them.Or maybe the users will use iPad to play games.

  6. The IPad is just one more way of making it more convenient to learn "online English". That is, you can only go so far with it and finally, you need to be part of a living classroom with a live teacher to help you along. But an IPad and an IPhone can help you get a great start. It's also ideal for advanced students to practice what they've already learned.


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