Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The iPad Revolution: Part 2

Recently, I wrote about how and it what ways portable devices can and will reshape learning and communication. Recently, I have been experimenting with an iPad to see what it can and cannot do, particularly from a learner's stand point. So far, I have been impressed. For example, I have been working on tweaking my own sites so that my audio and video files will play on the iPad, and in some ways, the iPad can extend the range and useability of such sites for people who are on the go.

For typing and other production tasks, I still find a laptop a more efficient tool, but my perspectives on this could change as I delve into the world of portable computing as time goes on.



Anonymous said...

I find a little bit hard to manipulate an IPad. I Got to be addapted to it...Gerardo, Mexico

Anonymous said...

Many of my students use activities from my site to study at home on their ipads. I think the world is moving towards open education.

Grover said...

The first ever interactive, "multi-touch" ESL conversation textbook was just released. Called Catalyst: A Conversation Taskbook for English Language Learners, you can find out more about it at Just like all books on iTunes, you can even download a free sample. Catalyst is also available in traditional paper.

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