Tuesday, February 21, 2012

College Textbooks: Rent or Buy?

These days, it is really unbelievable the price you have to pay for one single textbook, and it seems that authors and writers churn out a new edition every other week. It's not uncommon for  a book to be in its 12th edition, and yet the material in the book is almost the same. I mean, couldn't the author simply have a Web site where students could download a couple of pages with any minor revisions?

Then, with the change in textbooks, you often can't sell them back to the books store or other students.

I created a listening activity on this topic. Give it a try and let me know you experiences with buying textbooks for college:

- http://www.esl-lab.com/textbooks/textbooksrd1.htm


  1. I think for students it is good that they rent the books as it surely saves a lot of time and money for them!

  2. Randall,

    The textbook business is a business like most others in the sense that they are trying to make a profit often a the expense of struggling students who can barely afford the steep costs of tuition.

    BTW: My ESL students at Cal State, San Bernardino often use your cyber listening lab which has been extremely helpful to them.


    Michael Buckhoff


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