Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alcoholics Anonymous

Understanding the laws and rights (as well as the penalties) of individuals to drink in different countries around the world is critical when traveling from place to place. Unfortunately, there are times when people suffer from alcohol addiction or whose behavior can have an impact on friends and family. Fortunately, there are associations including alcoholics Anonymous who provide support to people who struggle with this problem.

I've created a listening activity on the same topic on my Web site at:


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Anonymous said...

I was listening to the audio and I almost cry, I had a similar situation with my boyfriend and he took my advice at that time (Thank God),but it was hard to hear the same things again...

Thank You for this material, and sorry if something is wrong , I'm learning english :)

Greetings from Mexico, Cristal

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my wife drink too much and I've had to bear her because I love her...I'd like she stopped to drink and smoke...God Bless her and me

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