Monday, January 18, 2010

Home Security: Protecting Your Valuables

How do you go about securing and protecting your home from theft? Share your ideas.



kann-u said...

Hello everyone
In Japan,most people don't leave valuables in the house.They deposit most money they have,and do not have an expensive ornament.So if you succeed to enter their houses to rob valuables,you will be disapointed in finding nothing good.
They have almost nothing to be robbed,but they lock the doors,the windows,and some of them contract with home security service company,even if such a contract is unnecessary.

Vladimir said...

Hi everybody!
I don't how many people keep their valuables at home. I know people who have deposit or safety-deposit box, but I know ones who keep valuables at home.
Nevertheless, we won't like if somebody penetrate into our house when we are out. The most popular house defence in Belarus is alarm system connected to police department. It's suitable for a flat and also for standalone house. It's quite cheap (10$ per month for my flat) and reliable system. Police arrives to the place for 3-5 minutes after the alarm has rung.

Bruno da Matta said...

Hello there Randall and a speciall hello to the readers of this blog! :-)

I live in a condo, and they're town houses (The houses are very close to one another), so the best way to keep our houses protected is to keep a good relationship with our neighbors. Meaning that in times of trouble we can rely on each other to call the police or avoid any sort of problem.
Bruno (BRA)

Saad Zaman said...

Homes are usually protected by using biglocks.And often in country like Pakistan homes have more than one gate, before sleeping the people make sure that all the doors and windows are locked properly.

cristina said...

I come from Colombia South America. The most important thing in Colombia is to protect your life then you will also protect your valuables,and your house.

locksmith New York said...

Thanks for sharing. We can now feel protected while we are sleeping at night and we can leave for vacation without worrying much about the properties we leave behind.

Gexton said...

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