Tuesday, April 7, 2009

English Skills: Which is most important to you?

Students spend a lot of time trying to learn English, but which language skill area is most important to you:

  • grammar
  • listening
  • pronunciation
  • reading
  • speaking
  • writing

Please share your ideas and experiences on this topic.



  1. It really depends on what you want to do with the language you're learning. If you just want to read books (or all sorts of printed material) and write letters/essays etc., maybe you should only focus on two different skill areas such as reading and writing. On the other hand, if you want to communicate in the language speaking with either other non-natives and native speakers of the language, I'd say you should focus on your speaking/conversational skills as well as the other skills, which to my understanding, they're all intrisically connected.

  2. To me, Speaking skill is the most important English skill. It affects the way we communicate with other people a lot. However, to speak English well, we have to be good at Pronunciation, Grammar and know a lot of Vocabularies. Besides, when we work in the offices, Reading and Writing skill are also necessary.

  3. JO / Hong Kong
    The most important English skill is 'Speaking & Listing' when we are not a native speaking english. Because we cannot study them by ourself based on text book, we need mutually communicate to other people in purse to improving those skills.


  4. I am very interested in English, unfortunately, like as a friend said English doesn’t like me. My English skills like as half bucket of water, all not passed. I spend more time to learn English, but can’t get it well. For doing business, I have to get all skills, reading, speaking, writing. For my experiences, I think to learn English, to get more vocabulary is very important, but my memory too bad, I couldn’t remember words. However I still dream I can communicate fluently with people in English.

  5. To me, listening is the most important part since it's my weakest part. i am preparing my toefl test now. I can understand most of daily conversations but when i listen to those lectures about professional subjects, i can't understand those well. Is there any listening resources i can practice? Please tell me, Randall.

  6. RANDALL ,,

    Now I'm 18 yr old and I think why the guys just spend time to learn GRAMMAR too much.OK I think it a bit important but the most important is reading speaking n' listening ,, yeah that for communicational bcoz present time is world wild.
    all people just talk and listen by human or cyber all time in all day .

    are you understand about anwser??

  7. English is my foreign language.
    Ithink listening skill is the most important to me. If you can understand what people say, you can learn how to speak from listening. If you know how to speak a language, it's easier for you to learn to read. If you can read , and then you can write. So all in all, I think listening is the most important to me.

  8. Currently the english language is the most spoken language all over the world!and i think the english is been taught in schools during the last 10 years in the whole world.
    morever,whatever you travel you can use english language as master key: to comminucate with people,for your business,tourist tours,,so english skills are very inportant all of them speaking,listening,reading,grammer ect...
    but it's a little bit different for foreign people who's living in countries where people speak native english the most important skills are listening and speaking but that dose not mean to reduce the importance of other skills as reading.grammer ect...because you will be in need for those other skills in english to be successfull in your business,job or whatever you are doing

  9. my problem is speaking , Iam shy to speaking in face of people ,
    I understand what Iam reading or listening but I can'nt speaking ,:( and I hope every one read what iam writing correct my mistake and communicate with me to help me to improve my language ,

  10. ı thınk ,ıt depends on own problem.ı prepare toefl exam so ı have to do very well all sectıon,you know.escıpacally,my problem is reading and listening.ı understand when ı lısten to radıo or speak my foreıgn friend.and ı can understand what ı read.when ı read the passage,ı can not solve the questıons on the other hand ı understand all passege that it include or what paasssade main idea.this my big problem ı dont know how can ı ımprove my readıng sectıon ıf you have methods like speakıng mehtodss can u send me or can u share me??

  11. to me.it is difficult to listening English.i tried to listen more and more but my listening skill doesn't improve.what should i do?

  12. To me all of the English Technically is very important because all of it can be useful its either in writing or speaking.

  13. Hi, This is Kathy from Canada

    Listening and speaking is more important at this time for me.

    I found this web is excellent. I am listening different topics, and I found them great.

    I can follow up the conversations, and after I am exchanging information with other people. I saw that I had improved my listening and speaking skills.

    Thank a lot.


  14. We use spoken and written words every single day to communicate ideas, thoughts, and emotions to those around us. Sometimes we communicate successfully, and sometimes we’re not quite so successful. To be successful in proper communication of thoughts we need adequate words i.e. good vocabulary skill set. So for me Vocabulary is very important component of English Skills.

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