Sunday, December 28, 2008

Spending Time with Family

Hi everyone,

At the moment, I'm spending time in warm weather in Arizona with my family, parents, and my brother's family. We did this last year, and we just enjoy relaxing, doing some sightseeing, and catching up on family happenings. We also want our own kids to get to know their grandparents better and develop stronger family ties. By doing so, they can understand my own upbringing and we often laugh about old stories.

So, what do you do with your family to strengthen family relationships?




Yo said...

I really envy your family relationship.
I was the only son in my family, also father was, and grandfather was.
So when we gathered at big holidays, a number of our family are only 5.
Thus, when I was at home, most of the time were boring. So I just play the game or watch the TV or surf the internet.
Of course, we also spend time with family. such as, go to market, talk up something.
But I think it is so restrictive activities that we need to spend time more energetic something. Like exercising, hiking or traveling.
Lately, I just was spend almost my time with my girlfriend. I had a travel, a meal, a driving and, a seeing the movie only my girl friend. I regretted that I just only spend time with my
girlfriend. So I try to spend time with my family little by little.

Anonymous said...

Well, today is the last day of the year, we are going to celebrate with a delicius dinner,and then we are going to play a lot of games.

Lily Chen said...

As I am working in another province far from my hometown, I have less opportunity to spend with my family in my daily spare time. So our new year holiday is a very important festival for all of the family members come together...I normally take 2 weeks leave, and spend 1 night in the train to go back, at the Eve of the new year, we do cleaning, paste couplet and eat a big dinner, watch the CCTV New Year's Gala, play card games or mah-jong together, we set off firecrackers to welcome the new year when the clock strike "0:00", the next days, we will visit our neighbours , releations and give our new year greeting to each other... the new year holiday lasts for about 18 days... during the holiday, we can improve the relationship of the family...

hường said...

all members in my family are quite busy. we don't use time for a holiday but we have way to make my house cozy. at the weekends, we prepare a special meal, but when eating we talk as much as possible,I and my father discuss about news, sometimes about weapons, fishing, his life, etc (my dad had been a soldier). it's a surprise that a girl like me like such subjects. i and my mum talk about neighbors, relationships and she share with me some experiences to deal with people, such as friends, teachers, my relatives. sometimes i talk about my intentions to take part in some courses, almost time I didn't be allowed. when my dad goes out to work, I very usually suddenly hug my mum. it happens so much that my mum feel uncomfortable. i don't care and i say "mum, when i have boy friend, i'll not hug you again" but both i and mum know that i've never taken up my habit- hugging mum. with my dad, i think it's not the good way for me to express that i love him so much. it's more easy if in a cold day i talk to him that " you should wear this coat, it's much more cold outside" or I advice him to give up smoking. but i really don't know what make a person smoke cigarettes?

Trang said...

Most of the time in a day, my husband and I are in our bussiness, our children are in their school.We are together in the evening, all are exhausted but after dinner we try to take a walk.
On the way, I ask kids about their school and tell them my stories.Somtimes my little daughter complaints of the paintful legs, I encourgage her keeping walking to stenghten her little legs.

Angie said...

Hi! I always work with the listening exercises posted on your page, but I didn't have any idea you were a member of the Church! I'm so happy to know that! Thanks for sharing...Carry on!

Auri, said...

I have a good relathionship with my family, but we like different things. I'm gospel and I go to the church all the Sundays too and I like its very much. My family is Catholic, but I respect them and I love them. I have a cute niece and I pass a little of time with her, beacuse I work a lot, but in my free time I like to stay and play with her.

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Angel and I am a man from Bulgaria, Sofia. I live all alone, but I go to my relatives here from time to time. I go to visit my parents on holidays. When I`m there, I like walking with my mom, because she likes going on foot.

Alma Hernandez said...

My family and I enjoy ride bikes, going to the park and just walk but my daughters what really love is stay in my room (with my husband and I)watching t.v instead of being in theirs room watching their t.v

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