Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cell Phones: Should they be allowed at schools?

More and more people are carrying cell phones and considered them as a need, not just a want. (Of course, people my age never had cell phones, and we survived.) However, should schools (let's say elementary, junior high, and high schools) allow students to carry around and use cell phones during school hours? What potential problems are there? And the benefits? Share your ideas.



  1. How can we forbid pupils carrying cell phones while teachers also use it. Sometimes in school time, my teacher has a call and she just says "excuse me" then returns it. So i think we cant change the evident truth. People just turn off ringing tone in class and use it when out of class.

  2. I'm Maboury, I'm Senegalese but now I live in US in Virginia beach.
    Actually I'm learning english at ALS that's why I visit your website and I thank you.
    So I think the question should be: "cell phones: should they be allowed in classroom?" because I think outside that areas students should have freedom to communicate.

  3. I am not object to the problem. It is depend on my calling aim. I can use it everywhere, everywhen, but I try not to disturn everybody. I think that it's impolite to speak loudly or ring the bell in the class. So, in the class I turn off the ring tone, if necessary I can go out of class to speak or take a message.

  4. i think cellphone is an important item that is basically a need at present.though its a need, students are disciplined to use this properly and should not abuse of using this material specially during class time unless it is an emergency. as long as the students are following the policies and agreement of the class with this item there will be no problem of bringing it.using it inside the campus but outside the class might be permitted.but inside the class
    is not a good idea.

  5. Nowadays cell phones become essential in our life style. People can use it everywhere to communicate with each other, to know the freshest news frequently and from the firs hands. In one side, as for children, cell phones should be allowed at schools. In our busyness world mobile phones is one of beneficial technique, that helps parents to recognize where their children are & distantly take care of them. In the other side, this mechanism of communication made pupils inattentive, that causes low marks. Moreover, it also could raise envy of other children, that can causes young-age crimes, such as cruel jeering, stealing & robbering.

  6. Nowadays, cell phone is a necessity all over the world. Even children have it as a safety item that are used to check up a place by parent.
    I think the rule of the school should change as the world were changed.
    But, if the students are well educated about the rule, schools allow students to carry cell phone. For example, students are not allowed to use cell phone during the lesson.
    So, students have to turn off the cell phone, because it disturb the class in spite of silent mode.
    Another example is that require students to put the cell phone when they are attended. And then schools return the cell phone to the students after the lesson.
    I think if the schools are regulate the students well, students having the cell phone is nothing really matters.

  7. i think cell phone should be alloud in school.if students have cell phone they can communicate with their parents and can receive emergency news.but ring tone should be off during class hour.teachers also follow this rule


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