Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Travel: A Tough Decision

Listen to the recording and share your ideas on the topic.



  1. I want to post my comment, but i have to listen more times and make to understand clearly what you said. Anyway I am very really like Randall's ESL Blog. Thanks

  2. I will choose the former though I did not hear well what the first sport is.I will never try to dive in the sky!!You know,is very dangerous.risk your life just for fun?especially after i watched the film MONK ,someone died because he fail to open the parachute(the murderer cut the rope up).what most astonishing is the worker from the flying company seen to be get used to it.anyway without the film,i will not try this one either.

  3. I prefer skydiving personally~ I regard skydiving as one of the most exciting activities in the world! I can experience the fastest speed of falling. However, I feel the same as portia and I doubt the safety of skydiving.

    In addition, riding a hot air-balloon takes too long that it bored me.

    In fact, I won't given a choice to choose any of these activities since most of my friends aren't adventurous.


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