Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Listen to this recording and write your response about it. Thanks.



  1. Thanks a lot and the same to you! I'm in China and Christmas it getting more and more popular among Chinese young people in recent years. They prefer to go to the church though they are not christians or have a big dinner with their sweethears on Christmas Eve. In China, it is more like an opportunity to have much fun than a serious holiday.

  2. Hi
    I'm from Reunion Island (French-Indian Ocean)
    Xmas here is mainly a family dancing party. Most catholic people used to attend the midnight mass but this year in most of the churches the masses took place at 5:30 pm, so we had more time to look after the dinner; It's a pity people here tend to act as the people in Europe for ex. the sarters are foie gras, smoked salmon... And the dessert: "bûche de Noel" Personnally I prefer the traditional dinner:starters: sambos, "acras de morue", "pâté créole" main courses:papaya gratin, chicken or fish or prawm or pork saussage curry and for dessert letchis and mangoes, a bit of champain or Marie Brizard anisette with the" créole paté" is not bad at all :-).
    Then at midnight it's time for presents,crackers and fireworks...Poor dogs!
    Happy new year to you and your family

  3. Hi Randall. Merry Christmas to you, too.
    I spent the day with my family (my husband and my 15th. year old daughter and my 9th. month old black lab) and my sister and brother-in -law.
    I cooked canelones and some veggies and my sister brought an eye-round roast. We ate and spent good time together. After that, we went to the living room and we read in the book of Luke about the birth of Jesus. Sometimes we are so involved in shopping and cooking that we lose the real reason for the season.
    Of course, we exchanged gifts and late in the afternoon we went to the park that is across the street for a walk.
    It was a time of enjoyment.
    Hope you had a good time ,too.
    Best regards,

  4. Hi Randall,Merry Christmas

    Your are doing a great job. thank you very much.


  5. Hallo there. My name is Edgar and I am from Mexico. Here, what people usually do is cook a big dinner which includes turkey, cod (bacalao), romeritos, christmas salad (bet, orange, apple,lemon and other stuff) accompanied with sider. Families get togheter and talk about their experiences during the year as well as their future plans.

  6. hi thank you. Your greetings are very nice to the visiters here. The same to you.

  7. hey everybody,
    i am from vietnamese, i am khanh duyen. in chrismas, we always giver each other a gift, sometimes is bought, sometimes is made ourselves. it is a unusual occation that people can reveal thoughtfulness with their dear.


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