Friday, February 8, 2008

Valentine's Day: How do you celebrate this day?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and for many people worldwide, it is a time of love, appreciation, and romance. But, how is this day celebrated in your area, if at all? Do both men and women exchange gifts? Do parents give something to their children? Are there Valentine's parties at school or work? Share your ideas and thoughts on this topic, including any personal experiences you have had.



  1. Valentine's day, in Brazil, is celebrated on a different day: June 12th. It's also a time of love and romance here, but this day is celebrated just between boyfriends and gilfriends throughout the country. Men and women exchange gifts. Lots of men
    treat their gilfriends to dinner at a fancy restaurant on this day; therefore, restaurants are generally crowded on valentine's day.It's recommended you book a table in advance!

  2. The Valentine's Day is rarely celebrated by youngsters in China,as a result of different cultures.Both men and women will exchange their gifts to their loved ones.Because of the old fashioned education system and traditional thought,studets are not allowed to date a boy/girl,so there is no party at work.People who have aleady graduated from universities or colleges could have thier partners.

  3. Only women will give chocolate to their boyfriend or father or boss
    on Valentine's day in Japan. I think it is unfair!
    We choose and distinguish chocolates between boyfriend and others.
    Also, The valentain's day is a holiday for shops in Japan. Depaetment stores are selling many many chocolates and gifts.
    It is nice to exchange gifts between boyfriend and girlfriend.

    Rie , Japan

  4. In principle I don't celebrate valentin's day because I don't have a girlfriend, but I would like to introduce the most celebration's way in Taiwan.
    Valentin's day in Taiwan is a big day for businessmen and lovers. I say so in accordance with my observation because many new gifts or products are launched by the businessmen on the market for this day every year. For example, Restaurants or hotels provide the package services,for example: pick up girlfriend with limousine, to serve lovers. The businessmen try to profit from the valentine's day. For the lovers they just go out to eat a big meal and exchange their gifts. I feel so sad because the people use the easiest way for them to celebrate Valentine's day. Maybe we should cogitate what kind of ways we would like to celebrate our Valentine's day before the businessmen step in the Valentine's day.

  5. Valentine's day, in Iran, is celebrated on a different way. I mean it is not a formal celebration. But young people love it a lot. And the boys give their girlfriends expensive gifts. They walk around the downtown and talk. It was really a lovely and important day for all young people in iran, however the government of Iran don't like it!! Unfortunately !!

  6. Valentine's day, in turkey, is celebrated by lovers. All lovers exchange gifts. boy and girls go to the cafes. Only lovers celebrate this day. Even 7 years old lovers celebrate it.

  7. Valentine's day is important in Saigon (Vietnam). Men gift flowers to their girls and girls, they present chocolate to their boyfriends. Flowers are sky-high in this day. Restaurants are crowded by lovers.

  8. In my native country(China), people are getting more involoved in Valentine's Day than ever.Couples or lovers give gifts to each other. The common gifts are roses or chocolate.Young couples might enjoy going out for dinner.

  9. In Japan, we usually celebrate the Valentine's day by giving chocolate to their boy friend.Only girls give chocolate.
    And for return, the boys give chocolate to the girls who gave chocolate, on March 14th, which is the 'White Day'.

    Valentine's day is usually a day to give chocolate to the person the girl love, but recently, most people give chocolate only to their friends, or family.
    It still is a very important day for girls, though.

  10. The Valentine's Day in my country Japan, only women give chocolates to men and almost they give their boyfriends.Women also give chocolates to their girlfriends, it's called "Friend Chocolate" among young girls.
    And men give chocolates for return on March 14th.

  11. In Japan, usually girls give chocolate to their boyfriends, friends, and fellow workers.

    By the way, I have got no chocolate this year. I want chocolate. I need it. I can't alive without it. Can anyone give me chocolate? Help!

  12. I want to eat chocolate...but it's too expensive!! And I have no money. orz

  13. I was very sad on 14th february because I got ONLY 51 chocorates from the girls. ONLY 51 chocorates!! I can not believe it!
    It is of course for the first time! I am in panic now! what do I have to do! Aaaaaaaaaa!!
    But I can allow it because it is same to ICHIRO`s uniform number!

  14. Hi!!
    I didn't like valentine's day, because I haven't ever gotten a chocolate but I got a girlfriend last summer.(I parted from her few month ago) so I will get another girlfriend and get CHOCOLATE!!!
    Thank you for seeing.

  15. I like valentine's day.Because It is very excite! I am lok forward to give chocolate from return.

  16. I like valentine's day very much because it is very excite.I am look forward to return at white day.

  17. my sister love valentines 'day because her boyfrend give alot of choclate to her. she said this day is to receive love and chocolate.

  18. At the first time, when I met my fiance; Actually 10 years ago. That time we gave some present each other. But, now we don't have special time anymore in Valentine's Day.

  19. Well first of all i didn't know what is valentine day is. When i came to USA then i knew that Valentine Day is where you give your lover a gift or a rose. In my conuntry we don't celebrate Valentine Day!! In my personal opinion valentine day is exciting beacuse if you love someone you can express your feeling to someone that you love!

  20. Valentine's day is very special.. In My country everyone celebrates valentine's day.. girlfriend and boyfriend give each other presents, flovers.. and perents are celebrating valentines day to!! On valentine's day everyone shows each other how they love eachother.

  21. to my opinion the valentine's day is a bit shabby. i mean why creating this day to prove that our partner? it's crazy! we got everyday life to do so.
    Sure it's a declaration of love for those who are not with someone yet but for the others i don't understand really. i think it's a way to make to profits for the businessmen.
    In france people declare their Love or buy a gift to their darling but the question is WHAT.
    and this is there the businessmen intervene! indeed nowadays we want to be original for this special day. and even there are some reduction in the price, it's too expansive.. i know that love have no price but in this perspective t is ! xD

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