Thursday, September 6, 2007

Making Friends: Natural Conversation Starters

Although many English textbooks teach students to say, "Hello. What's your name?", how often do we really begin conversations this way? Almost never. Imagine you are on a bus, and someone asks you, "Hello. What's your name?" I would be taken back and very surprised. So, how would you strike up a natural conversation in any one of these situations?:

- waiting for a train
- relaxing on a park bench
- standing in line for a movie
- sitting in a soccer stadium waiting for the match to begin
- attending a wedding of a friend

Personally, at a soccer game, I might simply say something like, "Well, I really hope the team wins this match. They haven't been doing so well recently", or something like that. Now, share your ideas.



  1. Of course, if you intent to make friends, become talkative is more important thing you need to notice. As my experience, it is easy to get friend at the place I used to stay, like school, or office. When I speak to the person that I don’t know his name, I don’t ask his name at first sight, I might say some thing like “what are you doing there?” or “are you happen to know…”, than I will ask the name. I agree that it is not a good idea when you ask somebody’s name to have a conversation. By the way, “asking for help” is also easy to get close to the stranger. Matt hsu.

  2. -waiting for a train
    The train seems to be delayed, doesn't it?
    -relaxing on the park bench
    What nice weather, isn't it?
    -standing in line for a movie
    We have been expecting this movie for a long time, haven't we?
    -attending a wedding of a friend
    They are made for each other, aren't they?


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