Monday, September 24, 2007

Search Engines: Are they all the same?

Listen and share your opinions on this topic.


  1. You are right. Most people use google as main search engine and I'm one of them. I' from Russia and to addition to google I use russian search engine ( when searhing russian resources. It suits well for it.

  2. i agree with ivan.most of the internet user like use google to search anything.maybe it is because of it gives better search results than the others. but i'm not sure because i'm not the IT expert. by the way, in malaysia the most popular search engine use by the user is most of the malaysia resources can be find here.

  3. As far as I am concerned,I like google as a kind of search engine. However, it is not the only way to search something. Besides it, I often use and Certainly, the latter,namely baidu and yahoo are often used by chinese.
    In sum, whatever you will use. It will be good only if it can satisfy your request.

  4. i agree with randall...he's right..students must not limit their search in google juz because its popular..and he's right that teachers must help students know the specific site for a specific purpose..i'm from philippines, and i use more often than, but as a student, i also search in other sites like doesnt only show the popular links so i can say it is really a reliable site., like randall, i also use and some specific sites..


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