Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Children or Adults: Who learns languages better?

Listen and share your opinions on the topic.


  1. Hello every body,
    of course children learn languages better than adults.
    I have noticed that, when a child learn english for instance, their pronunciation is much clearer than adults.

  2. Hi every body,
    I agree with Mr yahya, children learn languages better than adults because they have a frech & young memory, they can pick up words & new vocabulary easily...

  3. well for me, children are far better learners of languages compared to adults. It is so because according to studies, at their age, brain tends to absorb twice as much information as that of adults. So, along with coordination of body parts associated with speech production, they really got the ace in learning languages.

  4. Well, I think there are advantages and disadvantages for each. Adults can learn grammar structure and words better than children because they are matured and they can use it into daily situation easily, whereas children can learn listening and speaking better. However, in my mind, I think learn a language at the age of 6 is the best.

  5. according to me children are more efficient learners than adults...they pick up things very quickly and implement them


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