Friday, September 28, 2007

Emergencies: How should visitors prepare?

Listen and share your ideas on this topic.


  1. First of all, international visitors should try their best to avoid joining dangerous activities.
    Secondly, international visitors had better go out with their friends or classmates in order to help each other in case of emergency.
    In the end, international visitors should take some special medicines with themselves.

  2. I have naver thought about this situation. If I was placed in an extreme situation, I would prepare my passport and airplane ticket already in order to go home.

  3. Fist of all, I'll prepare a multifunction cell phone to keep comunicating with outside for getting help and using internet and listening radio
    Second,I'll prepare enough crash money
    Third, I'll prepare enough food which can be easy to stored and can be eaten directly
    Forth, prepare water fliter and cleaner instrument
    a medicine box which containts bandage and general antibiotic

    Fifth, prepare a thick sleeping sack which could be also used as clothes

  4. From time to time I have been visited by my relatives who are now immigrated to other countries. If they are here for short visit, I would likely advise them to stay at a hotel because all the things they need and want to know will be provided by the hotel. Staying at the hotel is very advantageous since there would be someone to take responsibility to their safety.Furthermore, the visitors need to memorize the hotel's contact number. For sure, they will need it in case of emergencies. The hotel can give them advises on what to do next in these situations.It is also important that they need to bring always their passports and IDs for proper identification.

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  6. Greetings!

    I believe it's a very good topic, since more and more people set off an international travel, like going to Korea, in case from China. I have sevral tips for thoes who are preparing for such kinds of trips.
    First, he or she should look for the emergency contact number of which he or she will go, 911 for the U.S. for example. He'd better to put it down in a notebook to futher usage. It's very important beacuse the number varies from country to country. People, especially those who don't know the native language, should remember the number exactly.
    Second, he or she should prepare enough and various medicines for emergency use. No one could confirm that he won't be sick. Since the food and weather would be quite different in another country, he or she should prepare digentant pill, headach pill, patulin, etc. for further use.
    Third, he or she should take enough clothes for the trip. If you were in such trip, you should know that we don't have enough time and energy to wash clothes after all day's travelling. The first thing in the evening is hit the sack immediately. So enough clothes is important.
    These are what I concluded. I believe others have their own opinion. I'd like to share the idea with others.

  7. I live in Iran. If you had an health problem call to 115 and if u need police u can call 110.

  8. In case of an emergency we should call the ambulance,fire brigade or the police, whichever is needed. While help is coming, we should try to stay calm and seek help. We should explain the situation properly to the operator.

  9. paola!!!

    I would have been nervous and i would have help the driver to give something warm to the lady who was having a baby and help her calm down,

  10. It's a difficult situation.
    I hope no one have this situation..


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