Friday, April 21, 2017

Grocery Shopping: How much do things cost?

Prices of food seem to be rising worldwide, and these prices are affecting the livelihood of so many people. Rising prices are due to a number of factors including rising oil prices (which in turn affects the cost of transporting food) and the use of foods in producing alternative fuels. Now, use the money exchange calculator below to tell us approximately how much, in US dollars, each of the items cost:
  • a liter of gas
  • twelve eggs
  • a liter of milk
  • a loaf of white bread
  • a kilo of ground beef (hamburger)
  • a McDonald's hamburger


  1. The price of everything is Rising except my poor salary, thanks for Randall's ESL website.

  2. You're right Randall, the food is
    more expensive each week.
    I think in the poor of my country (Colombia). The majority of the poor people eat rice.... rice alone...or rice with banana.... or rice with eggs or whichever if they don't have money for buying meat because this food (rice) was the cheapest.
    But nowadays,the rice is rising very much and many people can't pay it.
    The rice and the oil are the most popular and at the same time the most expensive foods.
    ANd i ask me.... what will eat the poorest people in my country if these foods follow rising?
    Potatoes? it's expensive
    Yucca? it's expensive, too
    Platain? it's expensive!
    all it's expensive!!!
    The price of food is rising and the salary of the workers... no!

  3. I agree with you Mr Randall.In my country (Vietnam)the price of rice rose 50%,although my country is the most rice exporting country in the world.The foodstuff also is rising quickly.Meanwhile the basic wages rise less

  4. The price of things , what i think is, it depends on what they are for.

    For expample, the basic goods people living by should not be risen a lot . However, rise the price of luxury is more acceptable .

  5. There are many brands of food. So you can choose what food you can buy.
    But, sometimes some food is expensive... fruits and vegetables for example. You can buy season fruits and you pay less than you would pay in other times.

  6. Nice to see you!

    I raise both hands to approval of your opinion. The stuff is becoming more and more expensive these days. Let me calculate all the things you listed into US dollars.

    a liter of gas 97# ¥5.96 $ 0.87
    twelve eggs(hish quality) ¥20 $ 2.93
    a liter of milk ¥10 $ 1.47
    a loaf of white bread ¥5 $ 0.73
    a kilo of ground beef (hamburger) ??
    a McDonald's hamburger ¥12 $1.76

    I'm afraid the price will be higher in the next few years. Let's compare them then.

  7. I live in El Salvador, and I love the rice with egg.

  8. Hi, you are right. The price of food is getting high every month. But with a good policy you can still afford it. Just be careful that our body needs: Vitamins, minerals, Protein and .... So turn an eye on junk food.

  9. well,the food price in my country now is much more increase compared to that in the time period

  10. The prices of every things in any aspects of life are considerably increasing in these days. There are many reasons for this...Meanwhile, the inflation is expected not to stop increasing in the near future. To either poor people or low-income people, the financial situation is much more difficult because their wages are not respectively increased. However, still hopefully, the world economy will be better and more stable and will cease such inflation so soon.

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