Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween: October 31st

Halloween has arrived in the United States, and many children will be out tonight Trick-or-treating. However, a growing tradition in some areas is called Truck-or-treating. For years, some parents have expressed safety concerns for their children (traffic, strangers, pranks), and in response to this, some people have organized Truck-or-treating: families decorate their cars or car trunks, meet with their cars in a local parking lot, and pass out candy. They might also have dinner together. This can be a fun alternative to traditional door-to-door Trick-or-treating . . . and it can be a great social event with family and friends.

Do you by chance have any similar holiday in your country or area?


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  1. Hello Randall and everyone,

    Although Halloween has also become quite popular in Brazil, and it's now celebrated on October 31st all over the country, we do have a similar holiday ( a non-spooky version of Halloween) when people pass out candy -- but they don't need to dress up in costumes or go trick-or-treating. It's called São Cosme e São Damião day. São Cosme and São Damião are two twin brothers who were made Saints by the Catholic church. People give candy especially to children to honor these two brothers' giving and caring nature.

    I have a question:

    Does everybody in the US celebrate Halloween? Or do some people(because of their religious beliefs) do not participate in the event?



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