Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Growing a Garden

Growing Melons in Our Family Garden

Have you ever grown a garden (small or big), and if so, what did you plant in it? If you have never planted a garden, what are the reasons: climate, space limitations, no interest, etc.? Do you think there are advantages in growing your own food verses buying it at the store? Are there some foods that you just couldn't plant in your part of the world? Do you predict that there will be more food shortages in the world in the future? If so, why?

Share your ideas on the topic.



  1. Hi,
    I was grow a little garden when I was a child. I plant bananas. I think that they are the follow advantages:
    You can spend less money.
    You know your fruits. Some people using chemical products.
    Here in my country we cannot plat some foods like Kiwi and others.

    My name is Luis and I from Dominican Republic.

  2. Hello Randall and everyone out there! :-)

    I myself have never grown a garden because of space limitations and lack of time. My wife and I, however, would love to have a garden in the back of our house and enough time to water and constantly take care of it. Undoubtedly, growing our own food is a lot healthier. Besides,it's been predicted that in a few years to come we will face severe food shortages worldwide, so those growing their own food will ultimately have some in store!
    I have a question to those who have their own gardens:

    1. If we ever face food shortages, will you help your closest friends/relatives/ family/neighbors by "giving" or "selling" them food?? ;-)


  3. hi
    when i was child, my family lived in a small house with lawn.
    we planted lettuces, baby tomtoes, green perillas, etc.
    in korea, poeple like to eat steamed rice with lettuce and with Ssamjang-soybean paste.
    it was very fresh and delicious.
    after a meal, we ate tomatoes as a desert.

    now, i live in a high apartment.
    so i have onlt small pot planted some flower.

  4. Hello everyone,

    I never have ever grown a garden for 2 reasons: I don't have enough space to do it and I don't really like to take care of it. I prefer spending my time with others things and I don't have too much patience for it.
    Certainly there are many people who like growing garden at your own house, but I think that it's not just because of the food, but because that's a way they find to relax and to have fun.

    In my opinion, I don't think that in a few years the world will face food shortages. It's certain that the quantity of people in the world keep growing, but the technology keeps growing more than it. Machines will take place of humans and will produce more and cheaper food for everyone. The only problem that I see, is the fact of having the power in the hands of few people instead being equilibrated.

    Renato, Brazil

  5. Bruno,

    As for your question about giving away food from a garden, my wife and I usually grow more food that we can eat or save, so we give some of the food away to our neighbors. It is a good way to build friendships with those around you.


  6. Hi,
    I live in Alaska, where the growing season is pretty short. However, I had a plot in the community garden this year. I planted seed late in May and harvested in August. Even though we have short growing season, we have almost 23 hour daylight in summer, so it helps.

    Vegetables are pretty expensive in Alaska, because everything is shipped by air. People freeze their harvest crops and enjoy them. Cheaper and healthier.

    However, the drawback was I had to drive 30 minutes one way everyday.

    Do I want to grow my own garden next year? Absolutely! It's worthwhile, and you learn to appreciate more.

  7. Hi,
    I'm from Seoul,korea.
    My name is Gaabhin Ryu.
    I'm a 3rd grader who loves your site.
    In seoul, there isn't much space to have a garden. So,I've never grown a garden. It's so sad that I can't have a garden here. I'd love to have a garden. If I get older and move into a suverb, our familly will have a garden. We'll grow lots of plants. I'll even get dogs and turtles. I think It'll be very fun to have a garden.

  8. Hi

    My is Sharan. I was pleasure to hearing this opinion. This is because My father was also a farmer, so I could have imagined that how pleasure to see the growing garden makes pleasure everyone mind. Randal you are absolutely right. Best of luck.

  9. Hi I´am fatima i´m from morocco and we have good lands there RED-LAND which is very rich in Fe and oxygen and others chimical product.Vegetables grow up quikly and without add of chimical substances. As I like garding I´m having a garding cours and my husband has a very big garden then I will practis there because I prefere having fresh vegetables and olso I like taking care of the land.

  10. Hello, I am heidy.

    The idea is so fantastic but at present I don`t know grow or plant a garden. I wish can do when I will have my own home. Its probably I will buy a big house with a Grate garden for plant diferent fruit, vegetables and flowers.


  11. Hi ,iam Onur from Turkey.When I was a child my parents had a garden.I remember that we ate fresh vegetables,fruits from this garden.We have been living big city for 10 years.and we dont have a garden anymore.I miss it very much.

  12. I think cucumbers,tomatoes,onions and rocca are good plants to grow and thrive in my area .also they are suit for my needs


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