Monday, February 2, 2009

ESL Textbooks and Resources

Many visitors to my Websites have asked me to recommend language books and other resources, including voice recorders and iPods, for use in teaching and learning English. Now, I've created a page on my site where I review some of these materials that can be purchased directly from Amazon or other online stores. You can see my recommendations at:


Feel free to suggest your own favorite language-learning materials.



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  1. I've been reading a book by Michael Lewis on the Lexical Approach. Actually, there are two books to read: the first one is a theoretical account of ELT (methods,methodology, appproaches, principles and beliefs towards the teahing of a second language etc.) and the changes it's undergone. The second one is on how to implement the Lexical Approach into the language classroom.

    I think EFL/ESL teachers from all over the world should read these books. They're a helpful source of information for those willing to get more familiar with current issues in regard with the teaching of a second language.


    * LEWIS, Michael.The Lexical Approach. The State of ELT and a Way Forward. Language teaching Publications:1996.England.
    * LEWIS, Michael.Implementing the Lexical Approach: putting theory into practice.Language teaching Publications:1996.England.


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