Thursday, September 4, 2008

Presidential Candidates: Should people with young families run for office?

Recently, a great deal of talk in the United States is on the running of Alaskan Governor Sara Palin who has a young family, including a baby son who has a medical condition called Down Syndrome. The same could be true to Barak Obama, another leading candidate for president of the United States, who has two young daughters. My question is whether people (men or women) who have young families run for political office, especially at a national level, where they might have limited time to see and raise their own families. What do you think? Can people really balance time between family and career in this kind of work? If so, how? Please share your ideas on this topic.



  1. Dear Randall!
    I found your blog and listening site and check it every day.
    My English is very bad, but i want to comment and improve by your help

    but about your topic:
    i think balancing between some work and family isn't easy. and politic jobs is a simple of them.
    politic jobs need more time than more other jobs. these job need relation between politics man, government, peoples and ...
    i think we should select these jobs and same post when we can do better from others, we can improve social justice and reduce tyranny.
    I don't live on USA but by reading news and listening tv, when listen to slogan of them, i think obama is better and well person :)

  2. I found your Blog to be very interesting! I try to watch television on weeknights however, I dont always have the time. I have watched that show once, but never really got into it. I been watching The Voice lately and it has been grabbing my attention! I also like how you added a link to your Blog. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for posting a comment. I appreciate your interesting in sharing your ideas.



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