Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Important People in Your Life

As a father of four children (ranging from 11 years old and up to adulthood), I sometimes sit down to the dinner table to hear kids complaining about the dinner meal. "Ah, are we having this again?!" "Ah, I didn't want this!" Fortunately, this doesn't happen too often, and my kids are generally appreciative of my wife's cooking (which is EXCELLENT), and I have loosely calculated that she has probably made about 15,000 meals for the family over the years. That's a lot! I often tell my kids that my years growing up were happy, but my parents' dinner menu consisted a few basic meals, including spam, frozen fried chicken, and some of my mom's good Mexican cooking. I was grateful for what they did for me.

Now, the person that is most important in my life is my wife of 21 years. I told my kids that when two people are considering marriage, they really have no idea the amount of work that it takes to build a happy marriage, particularly when it takes a lot of work, patience, selflessness, and service. Romantic love only will take you so far. Deep commitment in the face of challenges is what can carry you through some dark hours in your life.

So, who is the most important person in your life? Please tell us about this person and describe how he/she/they have influenced your life.



  1. Dear Randall,

    I'm 19 years old and haven't found my soul mate yet! I hope I'll find him someday as you did! I agree with you about relationship with your partner and about marriage, this is why it's difficult for me to find a matured, smart, kind and handsome boy (ain't too exigent?!)!!!

    So at the moment, my family represent the most important thing in my life. In particular my parents, who have always done anything for me, who have always worked to give me a good life, a good future, who have always been strict (in a right way) just to grow up a good daughter, just to open my mind, show me what is right and what's wrong, show me that life isn't that easy but can be amazing too. It's just a matter of going on and never giving up, fighting to achieve my goals and being honest. This is what my parents, my family, my relatives and my friends taught me. And I thank God for this!

  2. Most important people in my life are my parents, my teachers and my spirtual teacher.

    I have learned the basis of living with their advice and guidence. My parents taught me how to behave and to be honest. My teachers told me how to solve my problems and showed the best way to deal with. Being in peace with myself and the world around me is invaluable lessons that I learned from my spirtual teacher. These people have had major role in my life.

  3. most important people
    In my life, my mother (to present) is most important person. my father die about 11 years ago and my mother manage all action of life. training and educating me and my smaller sister, learning religion lesson, managing our school problems and all other things
    i wish best wishes for him.

    and now, a new person add to my life. my wife :)
    I love him, and have extreme wish for life and going to GOD!

  4. there are many important people in my life, first of all my god, my family, specially my mom, cos she has always been by my site, taking care of me, giving to me good customs,she has never left me alone, i have to be grateful to her...

  5. I have many important people in my life, my husband, my family, my friends, but definitily my mom is the most important persone for me, because she is always concerned about my things, she 's ready to helping me, listening to me and protecting me.

  6. My family is the most important thing in my life.My parent taught me how to recognize the right or wrong,taught me how to behave with every one.My home is the safest and the most peaceful place where i come back after a hard working day.

    Besides,my teachers,my friends,my collegues are also very important people in my life.I learned a lot from them.

  7. The most important people in my life are my parents. Of course, they were the ones who brought me up. They gave me my name, my genes, my values and most especially, my faith in God. Next to my parents are my siblings. Although we have not been too close to each other when we were young, I now feel that they care for me.
    I also appreciate the love and care of my churchmates who served as my inspiration in doing my duties in the church.

  8. my father is a very important person in my life.he s very calm and quiet.he teaches us everything.he advices me how to lead a secure life.he is never angry to me.overall he is a nice person


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