Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plagiarism: How big of an issue/problem is it?

Plagiarism, or copying exact words or concepts of others without giving credit, has become an important issue throughout the world, and in particular, the United States where many international students have attending school. In working with such students for many years, many struggle with the language and either copy material from the Internet because(1) they believe they can't write effectively on their own, (2) don't understand the issues and concept of plagiarism, and/or (3) don't see anything wrong with it because so many people do it anyway.

But, of course, this isn't just an international student issue as well; native English speakers engage in the practice. So, my question is on how we can best train and educate students to better do research and improve their writing skills so they can avoid the problem of plagiarism and the potential penalties of engaging in such a practice. Please share your ideas and experiences.



  1. Well, this is a serious concern in particular those who are practicing it, because in the near future, they can't manage to handle practical issues such as in a project in the company. The best method to avoid Plagiarism to educate and motivate the student, and give him necessary inputs he requires in order to improve skills, so that he can improve step by step. Many students do this because of lack of knowledge or might be due to lack of time to discover things or relevant skills. The only way is to impove the skills.

  2. First of all, thank you for the remarkable English learning website like this.
    I think plagiarism is a very common behavior nowadays and I must admit that I had done this kind of thing either because short of time. I wish I would have born in the English world and using English will be as easy as pie to me, but actually I am not, so I need to learn it painstakingly. sitting still to study English usually make me backache and having sore eyes. Even that, I couldnt read just as fast as the local students, not mention to speak fluently. I spend lots of time to improve my English skills and sometimes I still feel upset, skeptical and bitter.
    For the people like me, who only sought the convenience from the internet,and which is full of info anyway.But some people engage in piracy intentionally, like the musics and movies downloading and some even forge the dissertation.
    The only resolution for us I think is still to practice more and read more English works.

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  5. (1) they believe they can't write effectively on their own, (2) don't understand the issues and concept of plagiarism, and/or (3) don't see anything wrong with it because so many people do it anyway. - Or all of the above. Thanks for an interesting statistics!
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