Monday, November 9, 2009

Social Networking Sites

Listening to this recording and share your ideas on the topic.



  1. I think online websites are not suitable for children to learn English. It's hard to control the contents posted on the sites. For example, people can post some sentences about their daily life on facebook, they might use some emotional words to express themselves,however, those words might not be good for children to learn.

  2. Hello Randall and all the readers out there!:-)

    I think it's ok to let young children to participate in social networking sites as long as they're advised on what they should and should not do when interacting with people in the cyber space. Once they're familiar with the Dos and Don'ts with regard to Netiquette and safety in the virtual world, they, on the other hand, will ultimately benefit a lot from networking with people from different parts of their country or even the world.

    What do you think? Do you (Randall and the others) allow your children to become members of such sites?
    Looking forward to reading you,

  3. `Hello Mr Randall,
    Firstly i wan to say thank you for all your readers.
    I think, online website is either good or bad.So it's ok for young children. Because internet service is most popular all the world.we cannot ban them to get it but every poblem have had the solving. And absolutely, the parent must pay more attention with their children

  4. Hy everbody, first of all, sorry about grammar and spelling mistakes, but I'm not very confident with the English language yet.

    I think we can not ban children from the access to the internet nowadays, they can simple access it in the school without your supervision anyway. The most important is to explain the children what is the dangerous on social sites, like fake profiles, and the dangerous of post personal pictures and personal details.
    If all the care is taken Facebook can provide a great option for socialize with foreign people.

  5. I don't think I can say good or bad about children's social networking through internet.

    First, it requires disciplination and parents should monitor children's internet usage.

    It depends how the children utilize the technology which their parents need to explain them pros and cons on the internet.


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